Should You Disable Your Google Chrome Helper?

For users who rely on their Mac and also prefer using the Google Chrome browser on their Windows computer or Mac, the Google Chrome Helper shouldn’t be new.

It is a familiar name in the consumer community where people would find that this particular feature is always there in the activity monitor. If it is just another program, you have nothing to worry about, but sometimes or most times it would be hogging a whole lot of your memory.

The helper will not just be using your RAM power but will also use your PC’s core resources as well as the processor which will slow down the entire computer to a slow pace. It is really annoying to any user who tries to get some job done out of it. In the official FAQ and forums, Google never explained the purpose of this helper and they also don’t provide a clear explanation on whether this should be running or not at all times, especially when it uses so much of resource.

Problem Lies Elsewhere

After much research, a group of programmers and technical experts have confirmed that the problem doesn’t lie with Google Chrome Helper. It is a harmless program that can be allowed to run either solo or in packs because it is not designed to hog resources as complained by some users. But, rather it could most probably be a malware that has been using this program to bypass security and find a place in your computer or Mac. By default, the helper has been configured to be allowed to run on its own and it doesn’t need users to authenticate any services.

The freedom to run and execute files on its own makes it a great chance for rogue extensions and other spyware or malware to take control of the feature found in the Google Chrome browser to carry out its malicious activities. Technically, this is a program that bridges the gap between the embedded code in the Google browser and another remote server. It acts as a communication medium and when you choose to disable it, it may stop you from accessing other plugins.

Configuring Helper

Make sure your Google Chrome browsers are all shut down except for one and access privacy settings, through preferences. In content settings, find plugins entry and disable it from running automatically. Just choose click to play to limit permission which will now let you disable helper if you need to and use plugins as well.

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