How Relying on Krillin in Dragon Ball Fighting Games Can Allow You Prevail

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If you know anything at all about Dragon Ball, surely you are aware of what Krillin can or can’t do. You definitely know that the famous midget is the main source of mocks and laughs online when it comes to Dragon Ball memes, along with Yamcha. But when it comes to Dragon Ball video games, the situation changes a lot.

There aren’t any power levels in Dragon Ball-related video games, which means that if you’re a skilled player, it doesn’t matter too much which fighter you choose. You can definitely take down Super Saiyans using a character like Krillin, for instance. But did you know that the famous Earthling has some terrifying powers that could keep many powerful opponents at bay? Let’s dive into detail:

The Kamehameha wave

Back in the original Dragon Ball series that follows the adventures of Goku as a child, Krillin was one of the first rivals of the beloved Saiyan. Both of them studied under Master Roshi, who taught them the iconic Kamehameha wave. Therefore, even though Krillin is light-years weaker than Goku in Dragon Ball Z or Dragon Ball Super, the Earthling is still capable of one of the most powerful attacks in the franchise. Krillin’s Kamehameha wave can safely be used in video games as well, where it has the potential to take down even the strongest opponents if it’s used as it should.

The Destructo Disc

The Destructo Disc is perhaps the strongest attack that Krillin has in his arsenal. In fact, this attack is more guile rather than powerful in the raw terms. What do we mean by this? Simple: the Destructo Disc consists of a thin blade of energy that can cut almost anything in half. Back in the Dragon Ball Z series, Krillin was even able to cut Frieza’s tail using this attack, which was incredible considering that we’re talking about a villain light-years more powerful than the little Earthling. Therefore, it doesn’t matter too much how powerful a fighter is, as he can still get killed by the Destructo Disc if Krillin’s attack hits him.

Therefore, using Krillin in Dragon Ball video games while taking advantage of his Destructo Disc technique is a very smart move, even though you are facing opponents such as Frieza, Vegeta, or even Goku. The Destructo Disc is cunning enough to take those guys down, even though you will most likely have to use it more than once in games to get the full effect.

The Solar Flare

Krilin has learned a very cunning move from Tienshinhan: the Solar Flare technique. What this attack does is that it allows the user to generate an intense flash of light that will temporarily blind the opponent. Therefore, Krillin will get the chance to perform a sucker punch or even run away if the opponent is too strong to handle. While the technique is so effective in the anime, try to imagine how much you can benefit from it in Dragon Ball video games! Once you perform it, the opponent will be pretty much useless in the face of other attacks Krillin can throw at him! Combining the Solar Flare technique with a Kamehameha or Destructo Disc is simply priceless!

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