Flappy Bird Cheats and Helpful Tricks

There is no doubt that Flappy Birds, Initially available on Google play and Apple’s app store, is one of the most addictive and at the same time the most annoying game ever. Although it was developed in early 2013, this game’s popularity grew dramatically in 2014.

However, this game is no longer available officially. This because its developer Dong Nguyen pulled it out over guilt that it was too addictive. In addition, Apple and Google have also gone ahead to remove any games they consider too similar to the original from their respective app stores. Apart from criticism for its unusual level of difficulty, and the alleged stealing of its design, users continue to download this game through unofficial platforms over the internet.

Here are a few Flappy bird cheats and tricks to help you get further ahead, assuming the game hasn’t driven you nuts by now that is.

The simple tricks:

1. Play on Large screen Devices

If you have been playing on your Smartphone, upgrading to a bigger screen makes everything much clearer. You should be able to focus more, the slightly larger margins should also help you improve your scores significantly.

2. Stick to Android

Most players have noted that playing on android devices gives you a slightly better edge as opposed to Apple devices. This tactic has even been endorsed by the game’s developer. One simple way to prove this is to compare the scores from your friends who play on Android against those on Apple devices.

3. Stay at the Bottom

One of the biggest mistakes most players make is trying to keep the bird high up the screen, usually out of fear of it falling. You will not get far by doing this, as you will constantly keep dying out by hitting the top pipes.

4. Do not panic when falling

The bird accelerates very fast when falling; this causes a player to panic and over correct to avoid the fall. However, a single tap on the screen should be enough to break your fall and get you back in the game.For all these tricks to work, you still have to concentrate as you play, take breaks in between and most importantly, close any other running applications to avoid interruptions, and direct all available resources to powering the game.

The Cheats

There are two main Cheats to the game; these are not entered directly into the screen like you do with other games cheats. These two main cheats involve modifying the game’s files.

Hack the High score

You can increase your high score through root access. With a Root explorer and an ES File manager downloaded to your device, you can open the root directory on your device, find the Flappy Bird app folder, open the flappybird.xml file and edit the high score to whatever you wish it to be.

Modify Game Graphic files on iOS device

On apple devices, you do not have to apply any jail breaking methods to perform this hack. All you need to do is download the “atlas.txt” files depending on the modifications you prefer. Using iExplorer, you can access your device from your PC or Mac and copy the modified files. This hack can either modify the size of the files, or make passing through them easier.

With these cheats, you should be able to make tremendous progress in the game and beat all your friend’s highest scores.

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