Master Roshi Can Still Shine in Dragon Ball Fighting Games

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Master Roshi has been a highly-important character in the original Dragon Ball series, as he was the first trainer of Goku and the fighter who taught the Kamehameha technique to the beloved Saiyan. But even so, Roshi was left totally aside in Dragon Ball Z, the show that followed the adventures of Goku as an adult.

On the other hand, things have changed a lot in the Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F movie and the Dragon Ball Super series, as Roshi has been taking care of some bad guys once again after many years of inactivity. While it’s true that Master Roshi has mostly appeared as a feeble and lecherous old man in the Dragon Ball franchise, he can surely pack a punch when it is needed. He knows some amazing fighting techniques, which can make him extremely useful, at least when we’re talking about Dragon Ball video games. Let’s see some of those powerful moves of the old turtle hermit:

The Kamehameha wave

The Kamehameha wave is mostly known as the signature move of Goku, but did you know that there are other characters in Dragon Ball who can use that iconic technique as well? One of them is Master Roshi himself, and once again, we must emphasize that the old turtle hermit is, in fact, the one who taught the Kamehameha wave to Goku when the beloved Saiyan was just a child. In fact, Roshi taught the iconic fighting move to several of his students, such as Krillin and Yamcha as well.

Later on in Dragon Ball Z, we could see that more characters were able to use the Kamehameha wave than we expected, such as Cell, Majin Buu, and others. But even so, Kamehameha remains a devastating and iconic fighting move.

The Mafuba

Mafuba, also known as the Evil Containment Wave, is another fighting technique used by Master Roshi that deserves a lot of praise. We could even say that it’s more dangerous than the Kamehameha technique. While Kamehameha is basically just a blast of intense energy and power that can destroy, Mafuba is something totally different: once it hits an opponent, it can trap him under its clutches and resize him so much that he can fit inside a jar. The purpose of Mafuba is to permanently seal an enemy who doesn’t stop from doing evil deeds to the world, as it was the case of Demon King Piccolo back in the original Dragon Ball series. King Piccolo couldn’t be beaten by conventional fighting maneuvers, and Master Roshi had the idea of sealing him using the Mafuba technique.

Unfortunately, King Piccolo managed to escape from the jar after many years of being trapped there. He tried to take over the world and impose his evil reign once again. But while Master Roshi couldn’t possibly keep up with him anymore, it was up for Goku, who was just a child at that time, to ruin King Piccolo’s plan.

Master Roshi’s Mafuba technique can definitely do the job very well, at least when it comes to Dragon Ball games.

A great battle experience

During Dragon Ball fights, it’s not always the strongest fighter who wins. A battle can also be won through ingeniousity and cunning moves. Guess how a fighter can possess such traits? By having a long fighting experience, of course! Master Roshi is over 200 years old, which means that he definitely has a lot of experience as a fighter.

Master Roshi’s fighting experience can certainly make him an ingenious and guile fighter, at least when we’re talking about fighting games.

Did you know that relying on Krillin in Dragon Ball video games can also make you prevail? The midget surely knows some devastating fighting maneuvers!

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