Clash of Clans – Top 8 Tips and Tricks, Powerful Cheap Troops and Early Raiding

If you like strategy type of games and you own a smartphone or tablet, then we’re pretty sure that you will want to try out the Clash of Clans game. This game is quite popular on smartphones and tablets and there are more and more people who are installing it on their mobile devices.

In case you decide to try out the Clash of Clans game and you like it, then below you have some top tips that will help you a lot while playing this awesome game.

Using cheap troops

Whenever you attack a village, make sure that you will get at least the amount of resources you’ve invested in your troops. However, in case you are raiding for resources, you should make sure that you get at least double the amount you’ve invested in the troops you are about to send to battle. This is because all the troops that are sent to battle, will be lost, no matter if they die or not. A good idea is to use cheap troops such as Barbarians and Archers.

Use the spells only when really needed

Spells are very expensive and take a bit to be “created”. We agree that they are very effective, but that doesn’t mean that you will need to use them in every battle. Try using a spell only when you really need it or else you might end up wasting too many resources and gaining not even as much as you’ve “invested”.

Don’t rush upgrading your Town Hall

In Clash of Clans, if you upgrade the Town Hall and attack a village that has a lower level Town Hall than you, then you will get “loot penalty”. This means that you will get a lower amount of resources (from the total resources available in the specific village).

In case your Town Hall level is one level higher than your enemy’s, you will be able to get only 90% of the available loot that you can steal from the village. However, in case your Town Hall is two levels higher, you will get only 50% of the total available loot that you can steal. When your Town Hall is 3 levels above, you will get only 25% of the total available loot and if it’s 4 levels or more, only 5% of the total available loot.

This is why we suggest you to get your Town Hall level up to level 4 and stay at this range for a while. Instead of leveling your Town Hall higher, max your army camps, defensive structures, research, etc. Once you have reached the max levels for the important structures, you can level your Town Hall to level 5. (you can repeat this process when your Town Hall level gets to level 5,6,7 etc.).

Saving Gems

When you start playing Clash of Clans, you will receive 500 free gems. When you’ll end the tutorial, you will lose about 50 gems by instantly completing structures as instructed by the tutorial. However, if you decide to save the gems, you will be able to get third builder faster.

You will get the first Builder for free, but the next ones will cost you gems, as follows:

– Builder number 2: 250 gems
– Builder number 3: 500 gems
– Builder number 4: 1000 gems
– Builder number 5: 2000 gems.

The 4th and 5th builders are somehow hard to get, but the 2nd and 3rd one can be purchased pretty fast.

Dark Elixir is a very important resource!

As soon as you reach Town Hall level 7 and above, you will find out that Dark Elixirs are always hard to get. You will need to prioritize the Dark Elixir above all other resources because using them you will be able to upgrade your Heroes and the Dark Elixir Troops.

Use the “Next” button as often as you want

When you farm for resources or trophies, never attack each random village you get. In case you rush attacking a well defended village, you will end up losing troops and trophies. Instead of rushing, you should look at the base and see if it’s worth attacking.

Here are the questions that you should ask yourself:

– Does it have enough resources?
– Is the village well protected?
– Does it worth losing all troops and gain x amount of resources?
– Will I get back the amount of resources I invested on the troops?

However, in case you farm for trophies, the resources invested and how much resources you get from the raid doesn’t matter so much. In order to get to a higher league, you will need to make some “sacrifices”.

So, in case you don’t think that it’s worth attacking a village, because it’s too well protected, just “skip” it by tapping on the “Next” button.

Start raiding other players’ villages early

Not many players want to attack other players when they start playing this game. This is because the free shield lasts three days, which every new player gets. You will lose the free shield once you attack another player, but we suggest you to do this because this is one easy way to get very fast resources.

We assure you that you will lose fewer resources than how much you will steal, because you will constantly use them for troops and buildings.

Placing the Clan Castle in the middle of the village

Even if not many know, the Clan Castle is probably one of the best defensive structures. This way, if the members from your Clan will place troops inside it, these troops will automatically attack any enemy that reaches the range of the structure. Keep in mind that all the troops inside the Clan Castle will be able to jump over walls, which is a big advantage.

We suggest you to ask the members from your Clan to send you Archers, as they are very useful, because they will attack from the distance and kill all the enemy troops pretty fast.

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