How Much Time Will It Take To Complete Horizon Forbidden West?

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Horizon Forbidden West will be released in just a few weeks, and we have learned some very interesting things about it.

The Horizon franchise has been Sony’s most successful one, and it was released for PC, as well. Horizon Zero Dawn was just as successful on PC, and new players are not full-time fans. Now we’re getting ready for the sequel. Both fans and critics have praised the game, and it might be better than its predecessor.

Do you know how Dying Light 2 stated that it would take 500 hours to complete the game? Well, many criticized the game, saying that they’ve put too much content just for it to exist. But then it was confirmed that the game is 20 hours in length, and 500 hours would take to complete all of the side-missions, as well.

Joe Miller, the game director of Horizon Forbidden West has also tweeted about the new game’s length. He said it would take several hundred hours to complete the game, with the main story and side quests included.

Horizon Forbidden West will be as big as Horizon Zero Dawn, its predecessor. So you can finish the game story in about 20 hours. It’s the standard for single-player titles, so we are not surprised.

The new game will continue the story of Aloy. She’s  going to western United States on a mysterious mission to treat the Red Blight. The game will come with a large open world, full of gadgets, machines and weapons. There will also be new activities, like underwater exploration, and new tools and weapons she’ll find on her way. The visuals seem to be amazing, and we cannot wait to see more.


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