Minecraft Xbox One Edition vs Xbox 360 Edition – What Are The Differences Between Them?

Minecraft is a game that was created for the category of players that like to build stuff, and since its release, it expanded in many ways, being updated regularly and receiving new features, plus it is supported by many platforms. Last year, Microsoft released two new editions for Xbox One and Xbox 360 and the fans who are interested in trying them, here are some details they’ll want to know about the game on these consoles.

In early fall of 2014, 4J Studios/Mojang released Minecraft Xbox One Edition and PS4 Edition and these new versions allow the players to expand their worlds, but they also came with new features, a simplified Menu Navigation and an interface that helps the players see what items they can make using the tools they have in their inventory.

The Xbox One platform is a good opportunity for the Minecraft players to enjoy more intuitive controls, which they didn’t have on the Xbox 360 edition, plus, now it’s easier to go online by ticking the box from the options menu. You can also invite friends and play with them or with everyone, and if you’re new to the game, Xbox One Edition comes with tutorial pop-ups that will help you become familiarized with Minecraft and what you can do in this game.

Other features that were added to the Xbox One Edition are the new achievements, add-on content, being imported 20 DLCs, mashup packs, texture packs and skin packs from the Xbox 360 version.

If you used to play Minecraft on Xbox 360 and you’re curious about the Minecraft Xbox One Edition, there is a video with a comparison in terms of graphics:

Your old world can be imported from Xbox 360 to the Xbox One and it will take only a few minutes to do that. Once you’ve upgraded to Xbox 360, you can start the big expansion.

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