Haptic Gloves: Meta’s Version of the Future Looks Bright

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Meta comes with new surprises every day. They have given us more details about the VR gloves. It seems that they rely on haptic rendering in order to send precise instructions to the hand. People’s sensations will match what they are doing in the Metaverse. Is this the future coming earlier than expected?

The formerly known Facebook – Meta – is getting straight into business with virtual reality. The company has given us insights into their latest research on haptic gloves. They are bound to make us feel in reality what we feel while we’re doing something in the digital world.

Back in October, Facebook has changed. It has become more than a social media platform. Meta, now, is diving into VR tech development.

On the 16th of November, we learned more about haptic gloves. It seems that this product has been in the making for seven years. We’ve seen two people testing the gloves in a demo Metaverse, and it was terrific.

Now, the current state of the gloves shows the lines of the palm being small soft robotic motors, which move at the same time. They are made to deliver a corresponding sensation to the movements of the hand in the digital world.

We got to learn all of this cool stuff about the gloves, but it seems that they won’t be released anytime soon: “The reality of these being an affordable, accessible tool for regular consumers is still some time off. I mean, look at the mess of the cables connecting these prototypes.”

Due to the advances in science, the project is getting closer to becoming a reality. It can be a big part of our lives. Imagine all of the things you could do with your friends, like making virtual 3D puzzles, and still being able to feel the pieces in your hand.


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