GTA 6 Release Date – To Be Played On Liberty City and Vice City?

The Rockstar developers have been working very much in the last period to get the GTA 5: PC version ready for its release date. Within a month, more precisely on April 14, we will finally be able to play GTA 5 on our computers.

GTA 5 for PC was firstly announced to be released on January 27, but the developers delayed the release date for March 24. However, in the meantime they’ve noticed us that they can’t fix all the issues that they had on GTA 5: PC version and they decided to delay it even more. However, we’re pretty sure that the game will be finally released on April 14, 2015.

Now, since the GTA 5 is finally coming to PC also, the GTA fans are thinking about the upcoming GTA 6 and where it will be settled. The rumors are saying that the GTA 6 is already on paper now and that the developers are getting ready to start working on it. However, for now there is not certain yet where the game will be settled, but there are rumors which say that it might come back to an old (but updated) settlement.

Some of the possible GTA 6 locations are Liberty City and Vice City, but some voices say that there is a high possibility that the game will have multiple locations and you will be able to travel from a town to another.

When Rockstar released the multiplayer component on GTA, there were a lot of server issues where players couldn’t connect to game servers or the game just froze. However, we’re pretty sure that the developers have learned from their mistakes and these issues will no longer be found on any GTA game anymore.

Other cool things that we should see on the upcoming GTA 6 game are the more realistic cars and an improved way of how the car acts and looks after you have an accident with it. Along with this, GTA’s fans would be happy to see some other features such as: more side jobs, a greater vehicles variety and a way to customize houses as they like.

We’re pretty sure that Rockstar is full of ideas and they are going to bring us a flawless GTA 6. Hopefully, we will get some new information about the game soon enough, at least the location where the game is settled and an estimated release date.

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