Free Voice Calling Apps – Say Goodbye to Phone Bills Hereafter

There is no shortage of free voice calling apps today, given their popularity for phone users and it’s not that difficult to find a voice calling app that would not fit your lifestyle.

There are many benefits of free voice calling apps but the biggest is that it’s free to use so you won’t ever have to sacrifice your phone charges ever again. Before free voice calling apps became the new way to communicate with loved ones, people had no choice but to spend huge amount of money, especially if they wanted to keep in touch with family or friends abroad.

Cheap Way to Communicate with People around the Globe

Because of free calling apps, it’s now more convenient to place calls to people no matter where they are. Some people don’t even feel the need to have landlines anymore because having a phone that has voice calling apps is better and cheaper. It does not matter whether the people you want to call live close to you or they’re based abroad, free voice calling apps make communication between you easier. You won’t have to worry about phone charges skyrocketing with these apps because calling someone is now free.

Most Popular Free Voice Calling Apps

There are many free voice calling apps to choose from and you can be sure that no matter what you download, your friends also have them on their phones. Sometimes, people even have more than two free voice calling apps installed on their device. Skype is the most used and one of the most downloaded voice calling apps. It can be downloaded on your phone and on your computer. It can also be used to make video calls to your loved ones. Skype is one of the older voice calling apps but it still remains to be popular.


Another popular free voice calling app is Viber. You can use your mobile number to register with Viber and it will automatically store your contacts that are already on Viber. One of the advantages of Viber is a feature called Viber Out. If you need to call someone who doesn’t use Viber or if you don’t have an internet connection, you can use Viber Out. Rates will apply but it is nice knowing that you can still call someone even when there’s no internet connection, especially if it’s an important call you need to make.

Free Voice Calling Apps Requirements

The most important requirements are an internet connection, preferably Wi-Fi, and a phone where you will download the app. Voice calling apps use huge data amount so it’s not advisable to use them over your cellular data. Voice calling apps that only work using the internet have their disadvantages, especially if you’re in an area where there is no internet or the signal is weak. You won’t be able to use the apps and you still have to resort to your phone credits. However, the good thing is that many areas today have decent internet connection so it’s not likely you’ll find yourself in a place where there’s no Wi-Fi.

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