Cases for Apple iPad Air 2 – Prop Up and Protect your iPad

The iPad Air 2 is the sixth generation of Apple’s iPads and this one is lighter, thinner, and more powerful than its predecessors.

At just 6.1mm it is insanely skinny and very easy to handle; but, as you may worry about its durability, it needs to be protected. Besides the protection of your tablet, you’ll probably want to improve its functionality and style and what’s the better way to do all of this, than with the right case. There is a wide range of cases on the market for you to choose from and here are some suggestions.

Apple iPad Air 2 Smart Case

This case protects both the back and front of your iPad Air 2 and it comes in a great choice of colors-black, red, blue, brown and light pink. It is made from leather and this elegant case will fit your iPad Air 2 like a glove. You can adjust it in various positions or angles-an upright angle if you want to watch photos and videos or a horizontal angle if you want to type. The Smart Case will also automatically sleep/wake your tablet when you open and close your cover. The thinness, weight, protection and the quality of materials of this case are all more than great. It is simple but very elegant and classy.

Urban Armor Gear Rogue Folio Case

Your iPad Air 2 will be safe and sound in this case wherever you take it. Its impact resistant core ensures this case to meet drop test military standards 810G. The outer shell is water resistant and finished in “Frogskin”. Urban Armor Gear Rogue Folio Case also automatically puts your tablet to sleep and wakes it when you open and close the case. It comes in a choice of black and red and although it seems like a chunky industrial design, you’ll appreciate that the case is in fact very light and has precise cut-outs for the camera and buttons.

Cygnet Slim for iPad Air 2

This is a simple but elegant folio case that gives your tablet low-profile protection and increased functionality, since this case has silicon dots on its inside, so you can adjust your iPad Air 2 at many different angles and positions. When you’re on the go, the cover is securely closed with an elastic strap.

iGuy iPad Air 2 Case

This is a free-standing and fun foam case for the kids (young and old). This case is cool, but provides an amazing protection for your tablet, since it meets or exceeds military drop tests 810G standards. This case is easy to hold, lightweight and free-standing. So, have fun and protect your tablet with the iGuy Case.

Since all the iPads are vulnerable devices in terms of the material they’re made of: delicate, scratchable aluminum, and breakable glass, you should protect your iPad Air 2 and spend some money to keep your investment safe and sound. The best way to do this is getting the right case for your tablet that won’t just protect your iPad Air 2, but also elevate your iPad experience and improve the Air 2’s functionality and style.

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