GTA 6 Release Date – Female Protagonist, Skydiving, Iron Man and More

It seems that Rockstar is finally bringing a female protagonist in the GTA franchise. We’re pretty sure that there are a lot of players who asked themselves at least once why there is no female protagonist in this game. Well, the game is violent and you need to complete some heists, steal cars etc. but that doesn’t mean that a female character can’t be added to the game.

Dan Houser, the co-founder of Rockstar Games, back in 2013 told “The Guardian” that the concept of being masculine was one of the key things in the GTA 5 storyline. However, Houser added that in future they will most likely create a game with a lead female character.

Now, a lot of rumors regarding GTA 6 say that the game will come with a female protagonist.

GTA 6 release date and rumors

A few weeks have passed since the Online Heists patch was released for GTA 6 on the consoles and people are already interested in the GTA 6 and its release date. The release of the Online Heists on GTA 5 surely made a lot of GTA fans happy, but why can’t they focus on playing the current game and not wonder what GTA 6 will come with? Maybe because we live in a fast paced world and we don’t enjoy the moment as much as we did in the past.

However, let’s get back to the GTA 6 and the rumors about this upcoming game. It is good to know that the game was not announced by the developers and we’re pretty sure that they will not say anything about it until they are ready to give us some good news.

It seems that the players want to see some sports in GTA 6 and sports that the gamers want to see are: Skydiving, Iron Man, Wakeboarding and many more.

Skydiving: Even if this is already available in the current game, the players want to take it to the next level, where they could jump from outer space.
Iron Man: We’re pretty sure that we all know about Iron Man triathlons. Triathlons are already available in GTA 5, but the fans want a bit more challenge to this sport, such as more difficult obstacles and terrain.
Mixed Martial Arts: Since the GTA game comes with a lot of fighting, it will be fun that the MMA to be added to the game, so that you can show your fighting skills without having to worry about the police.
Speedriding: The mountains and slopes from the upcoming GTA 6 will make a great opportunity for this kind of sport to be added to the game. We all love ATVs with high powered motors that we can use to jump over obstacles.

We’re pretty sure that the extreme sports will bring a plus to the upcoming GTA 6. The upcoming GTA 6 is rumored to be released sometime in 2018.

What other sports do you want to see in the upcoming GTA 6?

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