Google Play Store Has Improved App Security in the Latest Version – Check Out the Details

The Google Play Store is a very essential application when talking about the functioning of Android devices.

This is not just in relation to the services that these devices offer users, it is more than this.

Security is one of the aspects that Google takes care of, when it comes to providing the users with the best applications in the Play Store. This is so because this store has over 1.4 billion applications that are very essential for all Android users. It is the duty of the company to ensure that the users get the most secure apps so as to enjoy the use of safe services that have no privacy issues.

Google’s app security almost close to Apple’s

Google has been in close competition with Apple. This has come in a number of fields and when it comes to offering the users with a market place for mobile apps, these two are the best in this niche. However, many have favored Apple’s iTunes App Store, when talking about security. While it is not possible for third party apps to find their way into this store, Google Play Store allows for third party developers to upload their apps so that other Android users can make use of them.

The use of third party apps has been a large contributor to online insecurity and it is one of the reasons why Facebook-owned WhatsApp banned the use of the unofficial WhatsApp Plus. In a recent update, the Play Store seems to have enhanced the security of the apps that are uploaded to the store; however, these changes are made in a way that they don’t affect the free environment, that has for many years, dominated this app store.

Careful review of the Play Store to identify and remove harmful apps

In a bid to ensure that the users of the Android devices get the best apps available, Google has improved their security standards by carrying out detailed reviews of applications in the store in order to determine and remove those that are potentially harmful to your device. According to a recent report by the company, 2014 was the most successful year for Google when it comes to offering users with the most secure apps – only 1% of Android devices were installed with an app that had a potential security risk.

However, this number includes those devices that also get apps from other sources other than the Play Store. When looking at devices that get all their apps from the Play Store, a mere 0.15% had apps that had a potential security threat to the user’s data. This means that in order to stay safe with your data on your Android smartphone or tablet, the only place to get your apps is the official Google Play Store. Google will be checking all apps proactively before they go live.

Rate of installing potentially harmful apps cut by 50% in 2014

The security issues that have been affecting the Google Play Store have greatly been taken care of in the latest version of this app. This has moved the store a few steps closer to Apple, which of course has some of security issues of its own to deal with as well. With such vast security issues, there emerged corporate app stores that are usually vetted by CIOs in a very careful process so as to ensure the apps have no single security threat.

Google Play Store is used by more than 1 billion devices across the globe and in the process; it makes more than 200 million scans related to security of each of these devices on a single day. In the process, Google is easily fed with data regarding any harmful app installed on your device. This is something that has led to a decline in the number of potentially harmful apps that are installed on the Android devices by 50% in 2014.

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