WhatsApp Web Free Download For Chrome, Firefox and Opera

In the past months, WhatsApp received more updates than ever, and that’s because the number of users has increased significantly and their demands increased also. The developers thought of the PC users as well, and brought them the WhatsApp Web which works only with one of three supported browsers: Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

WhatsApp released updates regularly for the main operating systems, Android and iOS, but because there are more Android users, the company focused more on this category and in the past three months, the application was updated every few days, especially after the Voice Calling feature was introduced. Let’s not forget that in January, random Android users received invitations to join the testing program and they were allowed to call their friends and help them activate this feature as well. But the developers still haven’t released a stable version that allows all Android users to enable the voice calling feature without being called by their contacts and it’s not certain yet when the rest of the users will get it too.

Anyway, the PC users were happy to find out that they have a version allowing them to log into their WhatsApp accounts using their browsers (Chrome, Firefox or Opera). To get the web version, go to web.whatsapp.com and you will see a QR code. Now, open WhatsApp from your smartphone and click on the Menu, then on WhatsApp for Web to enable it. Use your phone’s camera to scan the QR code, then the application will verify the code and send a signal that will allow the web version to login. The messages will be automatically synced and you will see your contacts and chat history on your PC’s screen. To use WhatsApp on your computer, you must run the application on your smartphone.

It’s interesting that Internet Explorer hasn’t been added to the list of supported web browsers, but soon, Microsoft will release a browser codenamed as project Spartan, which will run within Windows 10. WhatsApp will most likely release a web version for this browser, as well.

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