GTA 5 PC Release Date Delay, Rockstar Clarifies the Reason Behind

Rockstar has postponed the release date of GTA 5 PC edition for almost the third time and people are really annoyed over it.

But, the developer wants everyone to know that they are not simply postponing the date but have some valid reasons to do so.

Making the buyers wait for almost one and half years for a single title is too much to bear. It is definitely not worth the wait even though it is known that Grand Theft Auto is one game that offers so much to explore, different characters to play with and an immersive experience set in an open world like no other title. Most players have already given up and they are not willing to pay for it even when it comes out. If you are among the other lot who thinks a polished and finished game which has great graphics is worth this time, read along to know more.

Rockstar’s Clarification

In their official Newswire blog, the company has tried their best to sincerely apologize to PC gamers who were eagerly counting the days until GTA 5 get launched on their favorite platform. It doesn’t matter much but they tried to do what they could do. The game has been postponed by two more weeks to the month of April. Meanwhile, the online heists DLC will launch first on all platforms including Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

The developer’s main reason for the delay is that they wanted PC gamers to be able to play online heists on the same day of launch. They are working to make sure all the DLCs that got launched so far for GTA Online works on computers on release date. For a huge mission based pack like online heists, its needs more work and polishing so that it works flawlessly. Players can take part in team matches to play as either the cop or the robber to indulge in interesting heist missions.

Optimizing it for System Specs

As everyone knows, PC is a platform which has a wide range of system specifications unlike a console. There are people who have SLI system with dual graphic cards while others use five year old stuff that can run the game only on low settings. Rockstar added that GTA 5 was added a little more so that the team could alter and polish the game to make it compatible with all specs besides adding ultra-high definition graphics for the PC editions.

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