Fallout 4 Best Graphics In Boston – E3 2015 Live Streaming

After many years of hype, rumors and speculations, it seems that Bethesda is breaking the silence regarding the Fallout 4 game. They’ve just released the official trailer of Fallout 4, which confirms that they game is currently under development and the fans have a confirmation of the place where the game will be set in.

The three minutes trailer of the Fallout 4 setting revealed a canine companion and some great graphics. However, let’s see the trailer before we continue.

From what you can see from the official Fallout 4 trailer, the game will be set in Boston. There are also several shots showing the door to Vault 111, along with an armored Vault jumpsuit that the protagonist wears. The trailer also shows how the life was before the pre-War and after the post-apocalypse, which makes us think that the gameplay will start before the doom is brought to the world.

As you can see, Fallout 4 is now sporting a new color scheme, having a highly saturated and neon rich hue to the Wasteland. The graphics are showing some a good level of details, but the character animation and the dog from the trailer look very familiar to the Fallout 3 fans.

In the trailer we also noticed two massive airships, which can be the main objectives in the game. We think that both of the two massive airships will play a big role in the game.

The Fallout 4 world premiere will be seen at E3 2015 on June 14, when Bethesda will unveil this upcoming game. The event will start at 7PM PST and it will be streamed live on YouTube and Twitch.

According to the official Fallout 4 website (fallout4.com) the game will be released for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. (these three icons are shown at the bottom of the page). Bethesda will most likely bring more information during the E3 2015, so make sure that you attend the event or watch it LIVE from on YouTube or Twitch.

HINT: On June 14, we’re going to share you the links to the LIVE streaming on YouTube and Twitch.

Fallout 4 will most likely be only announced during E3 2015 and it will be released sometime in the middle of 2016.


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