Adobe Flash Player 15 Free Download – Some Interesting New Features Over the Earlier Versions

Developed as a free software by the world famous Adobe Systems as a free software, it is quite common to hear of the Adobe Flash Player also being referred to as Shockwave Flash.

The second name is most often used to refer to the flash player by the popular browsers Firefox (from Mozilla) and Internet Explorer (from Microsoft). The Adobe Flash Player 15 is among one of the latest releases of this freeware and was launched in the second half of 2014. Although this is a recent launch, it may be interesting to note that Adobe System has made updates to this software and launched them as later versions of this multimedia operating software. While the Adobe Flash Player 15 was primarily developed for the Windows and Mac operating systems, it was soon after made available for the Android and iOS platforms as well.

What Users Can Look Forward to in Adobe Flash Player 15

Like its predecessors, the Adobe Flash Player 15 and its associated plug-ins assist not only in developing multimedia content but also executing Internet applications that use such content. Another key similarity to the older versions is its support for backward compatibility. However, even though there are similarities, it is worth noting the additional functionalities incorporated in this version of the flash player that makes it different from the flash players released before the Adobe Flash Player 15.

One of the first features worth mentioning is the inclusion of a PPAPI debugger for Mac and Windows. Used to decode hardware video, this tool is enabled by default if you are using Google Chrome as your browser; it has to be activated manually by Opera users. The advantage of using this plug-in offered by the Adobe Flash Player 15 is that it reduces the CPU usage considerably, thereby freeing up CPU space. This in turn enhances the video performance, since you can create high quality videos or record low bandwidth videos. Yet another aspect worth noting is how the flash player adjusts the content being viewed according to the orientation of your Windows device. When the content is viewed in full screen mode, the flash player adjusts its size depending on how you orient the gadget. This helps in watching videos in the best resolution.

While the Stage3D feature by itself is not new to the Adobe Flash Player, the possibility to opt for a high-level profile is something new in the Adobe Flash Player 15 with some interesting features. For example, you can develop various shape textures using this feature. Moreover, the new Stage3D can also be used on mobile phones. The new anisotropic filtering concept contributes to enhanced viewing of web based and Internet applications by adjusting the image quality textures on various surfaces from different angles. There are four filter choices to opt from for using the anisotropic filtering concept.

Memory leakage was a major problem with the prior flash player versions. Thankfully, this issue has been fixed. Along with this rectification, new functionalities like privacy control options and multiple multimedia, accelerated graphics and webcam support have been introduced. Apart from the PPAPI debugger mentioned earlier, the ability to support multi-threaded video decoding results in minimizing CPU usage and thereby preventing your system from slowing down.

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