GTA 5 is so Old School, GTA 6 Release Date Confirmed to be in 2020

Rockstar has proven their prowess one more time by making GTA 5 a massive hit and a blockbuster game title but they are already prepping up for GTA 6 which will be released in 2020.

While this is purely a rumor at the moment, it is known that the company always takes years before releasing a new Grand Theft Auto. The reason is that their games are huge and it is not easy to simply release them every year as Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed. Releasing it multiple times could easily ruin this amazing franchise which the developers are well aware of and this time, they are planning to take more time than ever so as to create a world like never before.

Multiple Cities or an Entire Country?

If rumors are true, Rockstar is planning to go really big with GTA 6. They did a great job by creating Los Santos for GTA 5 which is an achievement because it is easily thrice the size of San Andreas. But, the problem is that it is still only one city and players in 2020 would definitely want more than this.

We can say for sure that after five years, graphic cards would have seen phenomenal improvement and computers would be much more powerful with 4K monitors. If they are going to release a Grand Theft Auto in a time that is all about technology and gaming, they have to be well ahead of the competition. As usual, it will be released first on consoles while the PC version might hit after a year or probably before the end of the same year.

These decisions will be made based on the market. PS4 and Xbox One will receive it first, critics say so and it could very well be true.

Possibility of Red Dead Redemption

While GTA 6 is going to be a long wait from now, Rockstar developers will fill up the time in between by releasing a Red Dead Redemption game. They may also focus on other titles like Max Payne or some new IP so as to break the barrier set by Grand Theft Auto. The studio has great potential and if they could create some new open world title set in a fantasy world or something unique, it would definitely be a huge hit with the audience.

So, do you want a GTA 6 or Red Dead Redemption first? Start discussing right now.

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