GoPro Hero 5 Release Date With High FPS 4K Recording

GoPro will release a new action camera, but this rumor hasn’t been confirmed yet by the company’s representatives. However, their fans believe that Hero 5 will come this fall with improved hardware, and speculated specs are already circulating over the internet.

Although things are going extraordinary for GoPro, because its products are selling well and there are many Hero 4 owners who are inseparable from their action cameras, when they’re practicing extreme sports or when they’re visiting new places and want to return with exceptional memories. However, GoPro’s supremacy is threatened by other companies that want a piece of market share, and the perfect example is Xiaomi, which released an action camera that costs 65 dollars and offers a 16Mp camera that can shoot 1080p video at 60 FPS.

GoPro’s Hero 4 Black and Silver variants were released in September 2014, making some waves with their features and specs, and now, they can be bought at the price of 529 dollars and 400 dollars, respectively. If you’ll opt for the Black version, you’ll take photos with a 12Mp shooter and record videos in 4K supporting 30 fps. According to the rumors, Hero5 will be powered by an A10 processor allowing the camera to record 4K videos at 60 fps, or, why not, 8K at 30 fps!

The GoPro Zone believes that Hero5 will have 60 fps, which will be a major improvement over Hero4 and you will notice the changes in terms of image quality. Another rumored addition is Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and water resistance of up to 197 feet, compared to 131 feet, the limit of the Hero4 Black. This new version is expected to be thicker and heavier and its battery might be increased from 1160mAh to 2800 mAh, resulting in a longer battery life. In the same time, the camera will be compatible with 3D technology and will use dual-lens set-up, WiFi compatibility and HDMI ports.

The rumored price is between 400 and 500 dollars, but it could cost more, if GoPro won’t cut the price of the current Hero4 Black camera. Also, Digital Trends said that GoPro intends to build it’s own multi-rotor helicopter whose price will range between 500 and 1000 dollars. The Hero 5 might be released in October.

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