iOS 8 Features New Camera Apps – Top Picks Analyzed Here

Apple recently released the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus smartphones, along with the iOS 8 software.

The latest release comprises a myriad of fresh features such as time-lapse video feature, self-timer and exposure adjustment to be done manually. A close encounter with the aforementioned camera apps would help us understand them better.

Time-Lapse Video Feature

The iPhone 5S catered you with a chance to play with the slo-mo video feature enabling you to produce a slow motion picture. You can make time-lapse videos using iOS 8. You are required to capture a scene for a brief period and then accelerate the recording to make everything move at a rapid pace.

In order to gain access to time-lapse video mode, select the camera app to swipe across a list of shooting modes to get to the Time-Lapse option.

To capture time-lapse video, the user is required to set up the focus and exposure, similar to clicking pictures. The user is required to click the shutter key and start capturing video. Stop the video when the desired footage has been captured. In case, you are serious about time-lapse photography, you would require something more than a native camera app. It would not be able to make you choose speeding up the rate of the footage along with the Instagram sharing option.

Self-Timer Feature

The latest iOS 8 offers state of the art self-timer feature. It offers you the option of clicking pictures with a delay of three to ten seconds. The feature is superb for clicking pictures in low-light situation or while taking selfies. However, the feature makes shaking obvious in the picture.

To switch on the self-timer, you need to tap on the timer key to choose the delay timing for three to ten seconds. The timer key is the clock icon placed on the top. A number countdown would emerge on the display signifying the beginning of the countdown.

The best part about self-timer feature is that when it is functioning; it makes use of the burst mode. The camera captures ten shots in quick succession. It enables you to select the best-clicked picture from the series.

Manual Exposure Adjustment

In case, you are experiencing problems in locating suitable exposure while making use of the native camera application, the feature would help you solve the said problems with ease. The later version of the iOS 8 camera application enables the user to set the focus and exposure simultaneously. It was frustrating for the user to set both at diverse points.

You are required to tap and hold the part, which you desire to set focus for, on the given screen. It would be considered as the primary object of the picture. A yellow square with the sun would appear on the screen to set up the accurate focus. This would be the point where the camera would set the exposure. At times, the camera would set the exposure automatically and might not look good. Regardless, the updated camera app would help you adjust the exposure without making any changes to the focus point. You can swipe upwards or down anywhere on the display to brighten or darken an image. However, as you move up and down, the sun icon would move accordingly.

In order to start again with exposure and focus, you could tap on another part of the display and make a fresh start.

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