WhatsApp for iPad – Will WhatsApp Work on iPad?

WhatsApp is available on a number of devices ranging from smartphones, to the iPod. It is however not available for the iPad. This however does not mean that if you have an iPad there is no resolution.


You can access WhatsApp on the iPad via a tweak called WhatsPad. WhatsPad allows you to use WhatsApp on iPad and iPad 2. It was developed by Lee. It works on WIFI as well as WIFI +3G models.

How to install WhatsPad on an iPad

A downside to WhatsPad is that it has not yet been approved by Apple and WhatsApp developers. This means you need to ‘jailbreak’ your iPad. There are tools that can help to ‘jailbreak’ your iPad like RedSn0w, PwnageTool, JailbreakMe and Sn0wbreeze depending on the iOS version your iPad is using.

Downloading and Installation of WhatsPad

  1. The first step is downloading and installing the iPhone Configuration Utility for either Windows or Mac.
  2. You should then connect your iPad to your Mac or PC.
  3. Download WhatsApp for your iPhone on the PC or Mac from iTunes
  4. Launch the iPhone Configuration Utility. You will see your connected iPad on the left hand side. Click on it
  5. Click on ‘applications’ from the tabs at the top of the screen.
  6. Click on ‘add at the top left
  7. Browse for the WhatsApp IPA file that you downloaded from iTunes
  8. You can find the IPA file under the ‘iTunes Media’ folder. Click on ‘mobile applications’
  9. Scroll down and click on ‘install’. WhatsApp appears on the springboard on your iPad
  10. Open up Cydia on the iPad and install WhatsPad from the BigBoss repository
  11. Launch WhatsApp from your homescreen. It will work the way it does on your iPhone
  12. Activation requires a 3 digit pin. You will receive it via a text message


The WhatsApp feature on your iPad has a number of features. They menu choices like saved chats, status message, favorite contacts, and other contacts. You can select a custom status message, for instance, busy, battery about to die, available, etc. There’s also an auto-matching feature- it allows you to compare all existing phone numbers on your phone and match them with other WhatsApp users on iPad. The App lists these as your favorites.

To get the WhatsApp IPA File:

    1. Go to iTunes on your PC
    2. Search and download WhatsApp
    3. Install WhatsApp on the iPhone. If it was previously installed, delete and reinstall
    4. Open WhatsApp on the iPhone
    5. Register the phone number to use on the iPad. You will verification from WhatsApp
    6. Connect the iPhone to the PC
    7. Open iFunBox
    8. Click on ‘user application’
    9. Open WhatsApp
    10. Copy the ‘documents’ and ‘library’ folders to your desktop
    11. Do this by highlighting the folders and dragging them to the desktop
    12. Disconnect the iPhone and connect the iPad to the computer
    13. Open iFunBox
    14. Click ‘install app’
    15. Navigate the IPA file and click ‘open’
    16. Wait until installation is complete and click ‘user application’
    17. Open WhatsApp
    18. Replace the ‘document’ and ‘library’ folders in iFunBox with those on the desktop
    19. WhatsApp will be fully functional on your iPad

As you can see, you can choose to ‘jailbreak’ your iPad so as to access WhatsApp or not. You could try the latter option. If it doesn’t work, then maybe the ‘jailbreak’ will do.

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