GTA 6 Release Date, Female Character and Location

There are more rumors regarding GTA 6 appearing all over the internet. However, it is clearly that Rockstar is currently focusing on the GTA 5 Online, as they are releasing more updates even after they’ve released the Heists patch. Since GTA 5’s developers are using this aggressive online strategy with GTA 5, this will most likely happen with GTA 6 as well.

It seems that the players are pretty tired to play in single player mode and they prefer to have some competition or have some fun with their online friends. If we look in the past, we’re pretty sure that there were a lot of GTA fans who wanted to play with their friends this awesome game. However, the first version of the game that allowed that was the GTA 4, but even so, it was clearly that the developers had to work more on the online feature.

However, when GTA 5 was released, the online feature was taken to another level and actually it was a totally different game from the GTA 5 offline mode. The players can use a new character when they are logged in GTA 5 Online and up to 16 players can play at the same time.

GTA 6: Location

It is not certain yet where GTA 6 will be settled. However, there are many rumors saying that the developers will set the game in an old location. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, was one of the best selling games in the series, so there is a high possibility that GTA 6 will be settled in Vice City.

GTA 6: Female character?

According to new rumors, GTA 6 will also feature for the first time a female character. So, in case you ever wanted to play GTA as a female character, you might be in luck. This rumors came after Dan Houser, Rockstar’s co-founder, said that there is a possibility for a female protagonist to be added in the next game.

GTA 6: Release date

Since the developers are currently working hard on the GTA 5 Online, we’re pretty sure that not even they know when this game is going to be released. However, there are high hopes that this game will be released sometime between 2018 and 2020. It’s still a long time until then, but we’re sure that it will worth the wait.

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