Google TV Has Now Over 800 Free TV Channels Dethroning Roku

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Google TV is finally dethroning Roku thanks to its incredible status: over 800 free channels! That’s definitely a milestone that’ll change things around and how some features will work in the future. Similar to basic cable we all grow with, Google TV is evolving, improving users’ TV experience. Also, making browsing ad-supported live TV channels a key component of the platform is definitely a smart move. And the best thing is that more content from a number of new sources will soon find its way to Google TV!

The announcement follows rumors that the tech giant was in talks with some media organizations for several months about adding related material to YouTube. Well, that’s a move that might get you inspired! So, starting today (April 11), Google TV is finally expanding its rich library of Free Ad-Supported Streaming Television (FAST) channels to include those from Tubi, Haystack News, and Plex. Also included are something known as “built-in channels from Google TV that you can watch without ever installing or using an app,” as per an official report released by Google.

According to the tech giant, we can explore up to 800 free channels! Quite impressive, isn’t it?!

But the question is, what is FAST really about, and what do we have to understand about it?

Let’s begin with the obvious stuff. First things first, “FAST” refers to quite the term “linear streaming programming.” As pretentious as it might sound is actually something ad-supported that can be broadcast at set times similar to traditional television. Moreover, FAST channels, which have already stirred quite the buzz among rivals, including Roku, turn streaming into a sleek experience comparable to the same old thingy we got from the traditional channel-surfing.

Such a thing only shows how essential live TV streaming has simply become, and it is now seen more like cable delivered through a new conduit.

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