Sony to Work on a New Console: Patent Shows Dual GPU Cloud Gaming

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We all know how much we waited for PlayStation 5, and our dreams finally came true when it was released last year. But ever since then, we’ve dealt with a massive supply issue for the console. Of course, after some time, the situation improved, but some people still didn’t get their hands on a new console. And now, Sony is working on a more-powerful PlayStation 5.

Insider Zuby Tech has found a patent, and it seems that Sony is working on a new console. We don’t know much about it, and the patent hasn’t really helped us in learning more, but we have found out some things that may give us an idea about it.

The name of the patent shows it is for Scalable Game Console CPU/GPU Design For Home Console And Cloud Gaming. But what does that mean?

The scalable part works perfectly with the design of the patent, that shows two APUs in the console. This shows that the console will be much powerful than the ones we already have on the market.

One of Sony’s previous backward compatibility patents has also been updated now, and it’s important to keep that in mind. Another interesting thing is Cloud Gaming. So the question here is, is this Cloud Gaming used for backward compatibility features? Probably, and it does make a lot of sense, if you think about it.

The story of PlayStation

Th original console was the first one to hit over 100 million units in under a decade. PlayStation 2 was released back in 2000, and it is the best-selling console, with more than 155 million units sold. PlayStation 3 was released in 2006, and it sold over 87.4 million units. PlayStation 4 was released in 2013, and it sold a million units in one day. PlayStation 5 is the latest console of the series, and it was released in 2020.

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