Which Google Play Services Are Necessary?

Google Play services has recently been made a pre-installed app that facilitates the overall running and performance of android devices. However, the app is somewhat large, consumes valuable memory and a significant amount of power. With this disadvantages, you could be wondering why you should download this app and what difference does it make to your device. Are Google Play services necessary and is it important to have it always installed on your device?

Features of Google Play services 

Google play services comes with improved features that will improve the performance of your Android device. It improves game playing, game synchronization capabilities and leaderboards in games. It facilitates synchronization across devices where the app is supported. Google Play also does the work of activity recognition. It works well with apps that can detect walking driving and other activities.

Better application performance 

Google Play services is a background services and a form of API package for your Android device. It was initially designed to provide a better performance for the general Android applications. When it was introduced Google Play Services were made to access Google plus APIs, today it has been introduced to cover a large part of Google’s services. This allows applications to communicate with servers through common means and therefore have a better performance in the long run.


Google Play services works like a mini-OS, it uses a little less space and can be updated. It therefore functions like a mini-Os that can be updated without the manufacturers delaying it and without further carriers. This should explain why data usage of Google Play services could sometimes appear quite high. Other applications also make use of Play services and therefore use a large part of the system.

Data and energy that is consumed by Play Services would have been consumed with other applications. Even when Google Play services is using a large part of the data, the app is still important since it assist to improve the overall performance of your android device.

Key applications

Google Play services integrates with key applications in your Android device, these apps include YouTube, Google Plus and Google Maps. Without Play services these applications are not going to run quite well. Before play services were introduced, maps in Android largely depended on the version of Android. There had to be several bug fixes so that these applications could function well. To be able to run such applications well, one needed to have the latest OS to run the applications well.

With Play Services, you do not have to update your OS so that these applications can run efficiently. You will only have to update the Play services software so that these applications can run efficiently. This is why Google applications will not run at all in the absence of Play services.

Even though Google Play services could consume a high amount of data and is somewhat inconveniencing, it is a very important application necessary for the normal running of your Android device. By updating this software, you will be able to improve the overall performance of your phone.  

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