Google Maps Top Tips And Tricks For Android And iOS

Curious to learn a few tips and tricks regarding the Google Maps app? Stay tuned and keep on reading this article. This brand new interface, may be a bit tricky for some, because it may contain a few buttons and commands that you’re not used to. Well, its time to make some light and show you what you can actually do with some of these features. Once you get accustomed to it, it will be down hill from there.

Type or Command – you can click on the microphone located in the search box and just say out loud: “directions to Columbus park”. You will be presented with the directions to your chosen destination. You can also simply type” find the nearest pharmacy” or “ where is Covent Garden?” or another option would be” What’s the best Thai restaurant nearby” ?

How to save an offline map

You can easily have a saved map with a city of your choice on your mobile device, even if you cannot access the Wi-fi connection. Of course this means that you won’t be able to look up details on the map or get the directions to a certain place, but it’s better than nothing, right?

It will be pretty useful when you are in a foreign city or country. This may not be a new addition for those who have been using Google Maps for a long time, but the way you save it, is quite different.

With the previous version, one would center the area they wanted to save in their device and say” ok maps” into the search box. The new method includes searching for the current location, tap on the details at the bottom of the phone screen and tap the 3-dot menu knob in the top corner then tap” save offline map”.  The app will notify you if the map is too big to save. If you wish to see your saved maps, simply tap the 3-line menu (left side of the search box), click “My Places” and you should see all of your maps.

3D map View

If you prefer the 3D map view, just click and hold and then simply swipe up. This will make the map lean a bit. This view will be pretty cool, especially in urban regions, where Google has also included 3D establishments as well.

Choose the a full-screen view

If you wish to have the map at its fullest before your eyes, you just have to clear all the other items that distract you. Simply click on the map- the 1st click is to clear the details at the bottom of your screen and the 2nd click is to camouflage the search box. If you want it back, just click the screen and slide it where it was initially.

Reminder: Currently, the full-screen Google Maps feature is functional for the iOS version of the app.

Street View’s Compass mode: On

This means that you will get a 360 degree overview of the parks, streets and other establishments all around the globe. Swipe it up and click on Street View image. But this is not all. If you click/tap on the screen and on the small knob with the curved arrows on it, you will manage to trigger the “Compass Mode”. This instantly rotates and turns your Street View based on your phone’s position. So image this: hold the mobile phone in front of you and as you slowly turn around, the Street View feature will do the same thing.

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