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Spicing up your conversations using hearts, smileys and other cartoon like images is always fun which is why emojis have become so popular these days. These emoticons allow people to express themselves better and save a lot of time and effort that would otherwise be spent in typing the words required to do so. Whether you are sending normal text messages or are chatting on WhatsApp, you can add some extra flavour to your conversations by sending cool WhatsApp messages with emojis. 

Although the normal mobile keyboard comes integrated with emoticons that you may use during your chats, there are numerous apps which allow users to select emoticons for every possible moment or situation. Some of them can even suggest you the options you can use while you are typing your message in real time. With that in mind, here is a list of some of the best emoji apps that can make chatting with your friends and family members on WhatsApp a lot more exciting and intuitive.


Swype has been one of the favourite apps for heavy texting people simply because of the great features it offers. You can slide your fingers across the keyboard and the words will keep up popping in the typing window. Emojis are an essential part of this app as there is a huge collection of emoticons to choose from. The app even suggests emoticons as you type in something. If you type “flower”, there is an emoji of a flower that shows up and so on. Accessibility is also a lot easier and you do not need to swipe through loads of different emoticons to find the one you wish to insert in your message.


An app that lets you combine various different emojis to depict different phrases, KeyMoji is unique in it’s own way and takes some time in getting used to. It is an effective teaching tool and teaches you to say entire phrases and sentences through emojis. What is even better is the fact that this amazing emoji app is absolutely free. So sending cool messages on IM apps might not be such a tedious task as you may have thought earlier.

Sliding Emoji Keyboard

Different emoticons tend to be displayed in a slightly different manner on different platforms. So an emoticon may look one way on a device running iOS while it may look completely different in another running Android. Thus Sliding Emoji Keyboard can help you in getting a better idea as to how emojis will look on iOS devices or Android so you may make a better choice about the emoticons you wish to send to your iPhone owning friends. 

Ai .Type Keyboard

An app that is loaded with features, Ai.Type keyboard is a great choice for newbies who want to have fun while texting their friends on WhatsApp and send cool and stylish messages. The app is probably the most convenient one when it comes to offering emojis as it allows users to expand the size of the emoji keyboard to fit the screen which ultimately displays more icons and saves users from the trouble of swiping rows of different emojis to find the one they want. 

Thus you may choose any of the above apps to add that extra bit to your WhatsApp chats if you are not satisfied with the standard emoji keyboard that comes along with your device. However, remember never to send any objectionable or inappropriate emoticons to people just to look cool and have fun. A picture is more than a thousand words, so use it wisely.

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