Watch Dogs TheWorse Mod for High-Res Graphics Officially Released

When some random person in a forum found out that Ubisoft has kept all the graphics files hidden from the 2012 E3 game demo, it was a disappointing moment for most PC gamers.

Despite owning a powerful rig, most were not able to enjoy Watch Dogs in its original visual glory. TheWorse was the user who made this discovery and he didn’t stop from creating a mod out of it. It was in beta phase so long and the original developers at Ubisoft claimed that if the game crashes because of such additions, they may not be held liable. But, we assume PC gamers are part of the group who doesn’t mind tweaking stuff and making games more personalized with mods. They can eventually overcome any obstacle. The official release of the TheWorse mod stands proof to the experimental mindset of the gaming lot. The mod will let you enjoy the game with the best possible visuals. Everything, including the road, pedestrians, rain and the sea looks absolutely gorgeous in the screenshots released in the forum. There were some instability issues, which we think, have been fixed now and the mod is safe to download.

Two Different Mods Released

Watch Dogs now has two different mods to choose from. The first one will include a high resolution texture pack, which could change the visuals of the game, while the second mod is more subtle and doesn’t have the texture pack. These were created by a modder named MaLDo. The original user behind this release Rojas said, “This will be the final release of my modifications. I did my level best to make sure the game has great graphics and also gave equal importance to a smoother performance, without degrading the overall quality or stability.”

The Mod Is Viral

The Mod created by these expert hackers is now viral on the Guru3D forum. Users are active with it and have already started posting screenshots from the game. They have started making some personal adjustments, as they required and all the screenshots look amazing. It was in the month of June that the mod first surfaced from Rojas, which later became really popular. It allowed players to enhance rain quality, increase the number of pedestrians and much more. As users have already started meddling with it, it is expected that the mod will become part of the game for the PC community and will continue to be viral because of the enhancements that it offer.

Ubisoft has confirmed that Watch Dogs is now officially a franchise, because of the massive success that it witnessed and it is already one among the cream of best titles published by the company. A sequel is already under progress, even though they didn’t confirm it yet. The new game is expected to be much more realistic and possess best graphics, because it will get launched only on new gen console platforms including Xbox One and Playstation 4. For the moment, if you have the PC version you can download the mod and see the changes that have been made.


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