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WhatsApp on your PC

WhatsApp Web is now released as a web page, where it is possible for users of the app to send or receive text messages from their desktop or laptop web browser. It is the same application that you use on your mobile phones, but offers another way of using it on your PC. You will be able to see all messages that you receive or send through your mobile device application on the web page, so that you can stay connected with a PC and even a tablet.

How to Connect

If you want to connect your WhatsApp messages to the web browser, go to the site https://web.whatsapp.com site using your Chrome browser. Once you have accessed the website, you will view a QR code, which can be scanned using the WhatsApp application for Windows Phone and for Android phones. You must keep the WhatsApp application on your phone open in order to do this and must also be connected to the Internet. You can now start using WhatsApp from the Chrome browser. You will find the option for WhatsApp Web on your application and it opens the barcode scanning feature. After scanning it on the site, all your groups and chats can be access in the web version of the application. However, the most important thing is that it only works with Google Chrome browser.

By following the above procedure you can pair your application on the phone with the web client.

A Great Benefit

WhatsApp for the web is a feature that many users are going to find very useful. They can be updated about incoming messages even without having to look at their smartphone application. Another advantage is that you can also add several computers for a particular account. It is also very useful for those who would like to use a computer for chatting and sending audio or video files rather than using a small smartphone.

Similar Features

You will find similar features on the web client, as compared to the phone application. For instance, you can find all your contacts with their profile pictures displayed against their name. You will find your own profile pic on the top. When you receive a message and it has been received and read by the recipient, there are the usual two blue check marks on the message. You can also view the time at which your message was delivered. There is also a notification on the top right corner of your browser showing you that a new message has arrived. On the left side of the screen where you see the contacts, you will also view the number of unread messages from each contact highlighted in a round green color. You can also access your profile and status, the notifications, the Help section and the Log Out on the top left corner above the list of contacts. The search button is seen on the top of the contacts list and you can use this for starting a new chat or conversation with any of the contacts by typing out the name.

The chat window features an icon from where you can access your device files for attaching and sending to a contact. You can also take pictures from the camera icon found on the top right of the page. In addition, while you are chatting with a particular contact, you can view the contact information along with phone number, status and so on the top right of the chat window. A New Chat feature found on the top left informs you about any new messages that you have received and which are not yet read. These are highlighted in bold and you can see the number of messages on the side of the message.

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