Google Fit App vs. Apple’s Health vs. Samsung S Health – Which Apps Do You Prefer?

Google fit, Apple Health and Samsung S Health are three of the most popular and the best health-tracking apps out there designed to help users keep their health in check as well as track their fitness progress.

If you want to lose weight or keep your fitness at an optimum level, using one of these apps can be very helpful.

Before getting started, you might ask “Which of these apps would be the right one for me?” Well, it all comes down to knowing what each of these apps can do.

Apple’s Health

This great app released by Apple for iOS 8. It is designed to act as a storage platform for wearable electronic accessories. It can analyze fitness information based on biochemistry and physiology. It features a dashboard of organized information on heart rate, blood pressure, number of calories burned, cholesterol level and others.

With Health, users can create a medical ID, a medical card printed with the user’s important medical and emergency information, which can be used as reference during medical emergencies. The app also has HealthKit which allows third party developers to develop applications that can interact with it. The catch with Health is that you can’t use it if you’re don’t have an iOS device.

Samsung S Health

This app was released upon the launching of the Samsung Galaxy S III. Just like its counterparts, it allows its users to keep track of their blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and calories burned. You can also sync the app with blood pressure monitors and blood sugar scanners such as Omron, A&D and Lifescan through USB or Bluetooth.

However, despite being an android app, it can only be used by Samsung devices. If you don’t have a Samsung device then you won’t be able to use this app.

Google Fit

Primarily made for android devices, this app is considered by many as the direct competitor of Apple’s Health. It has virtually all the same features that its counterparts have. It can also track fitness progress and health information. This app can be used by all Android devices, provided that they are running Android 4.0 or above.

You can also sync the app with external heart rate monitors and Android compatible smart watches. It can also work with similar apps like Strava and Runkeeper.

As far as unique features are concerned, Apple’s Health product allows you to create a printable medical ID which is a novel idea if there weren’t already plenty of places where you can create a medical ID. If you have an Apple device then you won’t have any choice but to go with Health.

Samsung S Health may be a good one if it weren’t exclusive for Samsung users and when it comes to convenience, Google Fit may be the best. It runs on all Android devices  which makes it greatly accessible.

We think that on balance, Google Fit ticks more boxes than the other apps and is the most accessible for the general public.

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