GTA 6 Featuring New Characters, Gameplay and Graphic Updates

After Rockstar released GTA 5, many fans could not stop asking the developers about the upcoming GTA 6. They wanted (and still want) to know when the new GTA sequel is going to be released and what new features will be added.

Last year, during an interview conducted by The Guardian with Dan Hourse, the vice president of Rockstar Games, we got some hints of what the upcoming sequel will feature, such as the location, characters and game play.

First of all, the GTA fans must know that GTA 6 will NOT be released too soon, as rumors say that it will probably be released sometime in 2018 and 2020. There were a lot of rumors about the location of the game. However, according to the interview with Hourse, GTA 6’s location has a big chance to be set in London, UK. Dan Hourse said that there are a lot of stories that can be implemented in the GTA 6 game, and that this will be a good city for it.

If until now, the GTA fans were used to play with male characters, this might change on the upcoming GTA 6. According to Houser, GTA 6 will most likely feature female characters, that the players will be able to pick and play with. Hourse also added that they are thinking of bringing female lead characters, but they are not sure in which game they will implement this.

However, in a recent interview with Leslie Benzies, the president of Rock Star North, said that they have a lot of ideas about what to do with the upcoming GTA 6 and they will try to fulfill most of their fans’ demands and make the best game ever.

According to International Business Times, the Rock Star executives are paying attention to any minor details when they are working on a product and until now it worked like a charm for them, since we all know how popular GTA series games are.

However, the fans keep releasing rumors after rumors about the GTA 6 settlement. Some say that the game will return to Vice City, which is a copy of Miami city. Others say that it will be settled somewhere at the Borders of Mexico and Texas, as this location can offer so many great stories to the game.

For now all we can do is to wait for an official announcement from Rockstar, which will hopefully happen sometime soon.

Do you think that GTA 6 will return to Vice City or it will be settled somewhere else?

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