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Clash of Clans is the highest grossing game in 2013. Boys and girls of all ages play this action-packed game. It’s a game about strategy and planning. One wrong strategy will cause you your gold and elixir, and if you want to stay in the game for a long time, losing gold and elixir is not the best option for you. This is why you should be able to plan well, build a strong army, and build your base in a way that it can’t be penetrated by unwanted visitors. How Does It Work? Clash of Clans lets you build your own village and you need to protect it from potential attackers. You need to put up walls so that your weapons and treasures cannot be easily stolen. You will also need to train your warriors in an army camp so that they’re ready during attacks. It does not guarantee, however, that all of them will make it back. That’s the way it is in this app. Offense or Defense As mentioned, it is very important that you know how to plan a strategy that will benefit your village. You need to decide on where you’ll focus more; on your defense or offense? If you choose defense, you must be able to upgrade your weapons regularly from the cannons to your archers to mortars. On the other hand, if you choose offense, you need to upgrade your army camps to better train your armies. Avoid Burnout The downside of this freemium game is that after a while, when the novelty of defending and attacking other people’s camps wears off, it gets a bit boring. You might get tired of building your village, attacking other’s towns, collecting gold and elixirs, being attacked by visitors, rebuilding the village and so on. Even the most dedicated player would eventually ask himself, what’s the point to all of these? Latest Update Supercell, the developers behind the successful Clash of Clans, has released a new update and it is the biggest update so far. In the original version, there were already “clans” where you can join one but your individual achievements count in the total score. For almost two years since its launch, Clash of Clans allows you to attack other people’s town on your own, so you can “steal” their loot and break down their structures. Clan Wars The new update now allows your clan to fight other clans. Now, you can coordinate with the other members of your clan to plan strategies to attack another clan. However, if you’re planning to take on weaker clans, you need to rethink that idea. The app simply does not allow more advanced players to attack on weaker ones. This new update calls for new strategies. For your clan to win, you will need strong players. If you don’t belong in one, it’s time that you become friendly with other players by participating in the message board more often than usual to gain more friends, stronger ones.

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