WhatsApp Can Be Used To Make Payments – How To Transfer Cash Through Ping Pay

Are you low on cash or simply have another money emergency situation? Simply use WhatsApp and ask a friend for some money. Axis Bank is in charge of the money transfer that will happen on apps like Facebook. Twitter and of course WhatsApp. The digital era we live in has brought some major enhancements as far as cash transfers are concerned and people feel more at ease to make these payments through apps and through email or SMS.

Rajiv Anand, part of the executive staff at Axis Bank stated in an official press release that by rolling out the Ping Pay method, this is their personal contribution to facilitate money transfers. This will be performed with the help of an app called Ping Pay. So if you need to send cash to a contact on you Facebook or WhatsApp app, you can easily do so. The number of clients that use mobile applications is a round 1.76 million people and the number is rising each month.

How to transfer cash through Ping Pay?

This will work once you select the desired person in your contact list and of course you must mention the exact sum of money you wish to transfer. The one getting the money, will receive a link, after the person sets-up the Ping Pay app and once he/she registers the account info.

Next, the amount of money will be chalked up to the account. Here is something that you should remember: the one getting the money doesn’t have to be a client at Axis Bank. Another great feature is that Ping Pay will allow users to simply” request” money when in need. The limit that one can transfer consists in Rs 50,000. Based on statistics that the bank analyzed the fund and recharge were the most worn out services on the mobile app. Now if you’re having doubts on how secure this money transfer is, let us reassure you. The Axis bank monitors the SIM and the mobile device when the transfer takes place and the also have a pretty tight lock service which they can use immediately, if something doesn’t seem right. They have to match the telephone number and when everything is verified, the transaction is conceded. Of course there are other methods to ensure the safety of your money.

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