Easy Steps on How to Enable Incognito Mode on Google Chrome

Whether it’s your own computer or your computer at the office, at some point, you wish that you could browse in private.

Maybe you’re really a secret fan of a boy band, but you couldn’t admit it to your colleagues at work, for fear of being the topic of jokes, or perhaps you’re planning a surprise party for your partner, but you don’t know how to search for party essentials, because you share a laptop at home. If you’ve been in similar situations before, you will be glad to know that there is a way for you to browse in private if you’re using Google Chrome.

Incognito Mode Feature in Google Chrome

You can go into Incognito Mode in Google Chrome and the web pages you visited during that time or any downloads you made will not be saved in the search and browsing history. Cookies are also erased when you close all the Incognito windows you just opened. This Google Chrome feature stops you from having to manually delete your browsing history whenever you want to do private browsing on your computer and you don’t want anyone to see what you’re up to.

A Couple of Steps to Go Incognito

Going Incognito Mode in Google Chrome on Windows is just a few clicks away. It’s so easy that you will wonder why you haven’t figured it out before. You will need to open Google Chrome on your computer. Once you have the browser open, look for the menu icon or the 3 horizontal lines. It is found on the upper right corner of the window, just below the close button. Click on this menu option, followed by the New incognito window. It’s that easy and you can already start browsing in private.

Shortcut Key

If making a few clicks is a total waste of time for you, don’t worry. There is actually an easier and quicker way to go to the Incognito Mode on Google Chrome. This quick step doesn’t even require you to move your arrow key at all; all you need is this quick keyboard shortcut and you’re good to go: CTRL+SHIFT+N. This simple shortcut will automatically open an Incognito window for you.

Disable Incognito Mode

Exiting Incognito Mode is as simple as opening a window. You just need to close all the Incognito tabs or windows you’ve opened. Again, if you don’t want to waste precious time, there is another keyboard shortcut to close Google Chrome windows quicker. Simply press ALT+F4 to close all windows on Windows.


Incognito Mode of Google Chrome is best used by people who need some privacy when doing a research on personal or sensitive matters. This feature really makes browsing in private more convenient for a lot of people because it saves them the time to delete their browsing history. This feature is only used if you want to browse in private; you can still open a regular window while browsing in Incognito. You can switch between both windows and it won’t jeopardize your browsing history.

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