Boom Beach Free Download – How to Fight Off the Blackguards without Spending Money?

Keeping on the Right Track

Boom Beach sets out the challenge of fighting away Blackguards, as they keep attacking the local natives of the islands. For fighting them off successfully, you have to build a strong defense and then go to the neighboring island and support the locals. You have to help them reclaim their property. However, the resources in Boom Beach are very scarce and troops are minimum, so you may have to spend coins or diamonds very carefully. By making the right decisions from the beginning of the game, you can keep on track while playing.

Reinforcing before Quitting

It might take quite some time to build certain structures and you can build only one structure at a time. It is better to go in for building items requiring smaller time periods, when playing the game. You can build structures that take a longer period just before closing the game or quitting the game. When the structures are completed, you will get a push notification. This will prevent you from spending actual currency for diamonds merely to push the project onwards and get it built quickly.

Upgrading Saw Mills

All the structures of the game are built with wood and it is your number one priority. Later, these wooden structures can be upgraded and reinforced with iron, but if you don’t have wood, you cannot build any structure. So it is important to build sawmills and also upgrade them quickly. Of course, it needs a certain level for upgrading them to the highest limit but take care to do so whenever you can, so that you can build defenses and don’t have to worry about not having the necessary wood.

You will also need stone as well as iron later on, for upgrading buildings and also for building new ones. This can be done through winning bottles, so you can store whatever you have received through victories, as it is usually sufficient.

Scouting Areas for Attack

Before attacking an island, you must scout it, as this does not cost anything. You will be able to make a better selection of the troops to send to the island. You don’t need to send in expensive troops in some cases. Scouting around gives you an idea of the type of troops you will actually need to send in. After scouting an area, you can start planning the attack. Try going around the guns and head right towards the enemy base camp for destroying it. In this way, you can record a victory with less number of casualties.

Using Trees for Lumber

It is quite difficult to get lumber early on during the game, so it is a good idea to trade coins to get lumber. It is not possible to mine the entire area of mangrove trees, though you can mine a sufficient region to get a decent amount of wood. This will be enough for building some structures and residences, which can then help you get coins and other resources.

Building Residences

You can earn more coins in your island by building residences in it. Keep building residences and upgrading them frequently. Coins are very important for sailing on to an island and attacking it, as the alternative will be to spend diamonds. You can avoid spending diamonds by building residences, as it will ensure that you always have some coins.

Don’t Rush

A word of caution while playing Boom Beach is that you must avoid rushing in the game. You can rush through readying your troops or through the construction of buildings and structures, but this could cost you a few diamonds. It is difficult to get diamonds, so if you don’t want to use real currency, use diamonds carefully.

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