Windows Phone 10 Preview Version is Out – Is Your Device Supported?

Since the release of Windows 10, there has been nonstop speculation about how the new version for Windows smartphones will look, as its features and the specs will be included in this Microsoft-based mobile operating system.

In essence, Windows Phone 10 has been one of the most awaited operating systems in the recent past. Even though rumors about this operating system have been uncountable, the Windows Phone 10 preview version is finally here. No more rumors and speculations and now let’s talk about the real Windows Phone 10, the devices it has been availed for and some of the major features of this mobile operating system.

If you are currently using any of these Microsoft devices namely Lumia 830, 730, 638, 636, 635 or 630, you are among the lucky ones as you can have an update of this new operating system available for download. There were past rumors that suggested the HTC One M9, Lumia 1020 or Lumia 1520 would be among the devices to first sport the new Windows Phone 10 operating system. This rumor was quite awkward, considering the fact that HTC has been doing great business from the Android end and why it would jump to the Windows Phone was not known. However, things happen, especially in the world of technology and maybe this may get to happen sometimes sooner or later, based on the fact that the first HTC model was a joint effort of HTC and Microsoft, but this was way back in 2002 and a lot has changed since then.

According to Microsoft, the above chosen models that will first receive the updates of Windows Phone 10 have a ready recovery image and it is why they are capable of handling this update. Other models will follow suit but at a later date.

Features of Windows Phone 10

Even though the company has not talked about any glitches in the new operating system, it is always a good thing to let the experts do the dirty work before you get your hands on the final and ready product. Hence, it would be recommended that you wait until the preview version has been tested by experts/developers as it is usual to find bugs in the first releases of major software applications.

Nevertheless, it is also important that you know the features of the OS that you are about to deal with. As part of the insider program, here are some of the features available for developers to preview in the new Windows Phone 10 version.

  • Your start screen will feature full-size wallpapers
  • The Action Center will come with an expanded “Quick Actions” view, where it is now possible to see up to 3 rows of actions as opposed to the one row that was present in Windows Phone 8.
  • An improved speech-to-text feature which can now be used in any data field. The technology used in this new OS is smart enough as it lets you speak words and see them appear as you pronounce them, even for words like “too” and “two.”
  • The new Windows Phone 10 also features a better and a powerfully enhanced Photos application that helps aggregate locally stored photos with those on OneDrive.

Other Windows Phone 10 features

The new Windows Phone 10 operating system has also been fitted with a new Calendar, Office and Mail applications. Even though not all of these features and many others will be available in the first build version to be released, they will be available in later versions which will be released gradually with other updates.

The number of limited devices that are currently supported by this new Windows Phone 10 operating system is aimed at minimizing the risk of bugs, which will give the company enough room to first of all release the operating system and later on focus on dealing with any possible bugs.

There is also rumor that Microsoft is working on a ‘universal’ application which can work on both Windows Phone 10 and Windows 10 without any compatibility issues.

Keep following us and we will keep you updated with the latest developments regarding Windows Phone 10 operating system.

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