Witcher 3 Gwent Tutorial

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been out for around about a week now, and the fun that is there to be had with the game is starting to sink in and get to a point of reflective appreciation. However, a common experience amongst players is to focus on the game itself, rather than the side game within the game; gwent. Gwent is a pretty interesting card game which takes the characters and factions from the main game and expands upon them by having an entire collection of cards hidden with merchants and other players. However, to complete this core part of the main game there are some key tips you’ll need to understand.

First of all, the basics. There are 3 rounds in gwent, winning two will win the overall game. All 3 rounds of the game are played with the same 10 card hand however, so dividing your cards carefully between the rounds is important. The round is won by having a higher attack than your opponent when both players have finished. This seems like a reasonably easy affair of “have the better cards” and there is definitely some truth to that, but there is a great deal of strategy that come in the special effects cards have.

So besides loading your deck with the highest attack cards that you currently own, there are also some other key strategies you’ll want to bear in mind. First of all, medic cards are an excellently addition to any deck. By allowing you to play the card itself plus a free card from your discarded pile, any round besides the first will give you a massive advantage when you play this card. Besides this, the special cards are where a lot of great strategies come together, as there are a few basic cards which can change the tide of battle

Weather effect cards are great for taking out enemy cards and are usually the cards which can help you even the odds against enemies who have better cards than you, by reducing the value of both your cards on a row to 1. Having one of each type (at least) in your deck is a smart idea, and to counter specific decks using just one or two types to increase your odds is possible. Another almost 100% neccisary special card is the horn, which doubles the strength of all units in a row.  This can even help to cancel out a weather effect if it comes in, and can lead to devastating defeats with the use of very few cards.

These basic tips with use of your best cards will result in lots of wins, but getting these good cards is the next challenge to address. The game will occasionally give you hints on where to get the best cards, but as a few pointers; follow any quest lines relating to the cards, they usually expand themselves to more and more great gwent players, and also try and play every merchant you come across. Each merchant gives you both your wager back and a free random card, allowing you to stock up on some common but useful cards.

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