Fallout 4 Will Have a Gameplay Demo Revealed at E3 2015

Right next to Half Life 3, Fallout 4 is easily the game title that has been bombarded with rumors throughout the years.

Bethesda bagged the rights for this exciting open world adventure but for some reason, they kept news related to the game under wraps. When the publisher keeps their mouth shut just like Rockstar does, obviously a lot of people start speculating things related to the game. One guy nicknamed as Survivor 2299 came up with the most elaborate hoax about the game claiming that it will be launched in 2013 and a majority of players fell into the trap. After all, it was so very well done that you couldn’t argue against it.

Now, a German website reports that the next title in the series is indeed going to be announced at E3 2015 and the publishers will also show a broad twenty minute gameplay video.

PC Games Report

The German site that is in question is PC Games which is quite popular for readers who enjoy gaming and it has a strong fan following in the country. While rumors related to Fallout 4 pop up now and then, when a reputed website gives such information, one can’t ignore it completely. They also add that the source is highly legit and the game is indeed going to see an official reveal next month at the grand Electronic Entertainment Expo 2015.

However, they didn’t reveal the actual source because the person who leaked this news prefers to be anonymous. According to the report, Bethesda will not be announcing the game on stage but will rather talk about it behind closed doors. Only a select group of representatives will be allowed inside and they will be shown a gameplay demo which could last anywhere between fifteen to twenty minutes.

Bethesda’s First Conference

When Bethesda announced their presence at E3, obviously they sparked a lot of rumors. The publisher doesn’t have just one good title like Rockstar but rather multiple tricks up their sleeve. There is Elder Scrolls 5, Doom 4, Fallout 4 and many others! It is going to be tough to guess the titles that they might announce but the upcoming E3 2015 is going to be the best ever because of these newcomers as well as the dedicated PC Gaming Show to be hosted by AMD and PC Gamer magazine. You can always stream and watch it live if you cannot make it to the venue.

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