Fallout 4: What Gamers Expect If Rumours Are True

This year hold great hopes for both fans and developers alike with rumours of Fallout 4 set to be released sometime this coming year. With years separating Fallout 4 with previous Fallout games, gamers are expecting it to be bigger and better than anything they can image.

A long time in the making many gamers have speculated what the new game will entail and what they may expect from the game once it hits our shores as the countdown begins.

A Confirmed Setting?

With rumours flying high from supposed leaks, there have been many suggestions about the confirmed setting of this post-apocalyptic game. Although one rumour suggests the new universe will take place in a vault deep underground, another stronger rumour suggests that it points towards the setting being placed within the city of Boston.

There have been other suggestions that have even pointed to New York and Massachusetts as possible settings for the new game. Either way gamers are said to be anticipating the release no matter what setting as long as the game lives up to the hype.

A Confirmation Of Its Existence?

Although rumours may be flying about the release of Fallout 4, gamers have to realise that it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will actually be released this year. Needless to say, gamers are hoping that Bethesda will acknowledge that the game actually exists, even if it’s not ready for release in the immediate future. After 7 years of waiting gamers are finding that the suspense of not knowing is becoming unbearable.

A Demo Of The Game?

With rumours flying high for its maybe 2015 release, gamers are hoping that Bethesda will soon give a sneak preview of the game with a featured demo. A demo of the game is highly anticipated in hopes for a glimpse into what they will be dealing with when the game actually is released. Gamers are also hoping that a released demo will also fuel the flame that the game is actually getting close to its release date.

A Good Teaser?

When it comes to a game release, presentation is everything, and going by previous Fallout games, gamers should expect an explosive teaser before the end of the year if rumours are correct. Bethesda in the past have prided themselves on delivering outstanding and captivating teasers for their Fallout universe games, and Fallout 4 should be no different.

Next Generation Console Presentation

If Fallout 4 is released, don’t expect it to be exclusive to one console only. Not only will this cause a dive in sales but it will also be disastrous for the fanbase the game is built around. Gamers though are expecting a kind of pre-release presentation of the next Fallout game on the different next generation consoles. A developer such as Bethesda is one of those who generally aim for technical adaption and proficiency.


Whether Fallout 4 is set for release this year, or it is all just hype and a rumor, there is no underestimating the demand and fanbase behind the game, and just how much gamers are really looking forward to it.

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