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When we talk about email communication, the first thing that strikes us is the name Gmail. Gmail is a free, advertising based email service that is offered by tech giant Google. Google’s Gmail has a wide user base that has registered members all across the world. Email communications have become the modern day communication mechanism that helps people connect with each other instantly and with utmost ease. There are many things that emails have changed in the medium of communication. Gmail is a leader in this space and has come up with some exciting features and facilities now and then. Currently, it has some interesting features that support many functionality.

What makes Gmail popular?

Simple and easy

One of the most attractive aspects about Gmail is the fact that it comes with an absolutely simple and user-friendly platform. It does not come with any sort of complicated processes and procedures as in the case of many other email services available on the internet. Gmail is designed for easy and convenient usage. It could be easily connected through any of the device that you use. With this facility, you can now access Gmail from anywhere you want without any sort of hindrance.

Stay organized

Gmail is an email support service that helps you stay perfectly organized. Gmail has seen many updates so far and each time it has managed to come up with some stunning advancements in all of its features. It has many customizable options and you can label the emails and communications you have had under a particular category. This enables one to stay organized and manage all the communications with utmost ease.  You can decide upon which mails to read first and prioritize your activities with Gmail.

Valuable features

Gmail mail service provides a lot of other valuable features which includes Google+ and Google Drive. These features are known to increase the user experience and support an extensive range of features which includes chatting, sharing of files and information. The Hangout feature helps you to connect with family and friends instantly. You can share photos, emoji and make video calls quickly. The most important aspect is the fact that it is possible to make video calls for free. It is also possible to connect with Android and Apple devices quite easily.

More free storage space

Gmail provides a lot of storage space for free. Gmail, initially, started off with 1 GB storage space and currently it supports up to 15 GB storage space which is quite high for free email service. If you want to have more storage space to store all of your communications and emails then you can always buy the storage space for a cost. This 15 GB storage space is spread across other features such as Google Drive and Google+.

Apart from this, Gmail also provides for an extensive range of mobile based features specifically designed for smartphones. On the whole, it can be understood that Gmail has an undisputable in the email service space.

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