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Both the games are popular and addictive mobile games, though Temple Run was the first one to hit the iOS platform.

They are now available for both Android and iOS devices. You don’t need too many skills in order to play these games, as they belong to the endless runner genre. You have to control the player, keep running, collectingcoins and avoidingobstacles as you run. The games are free but you can unlock several items by paying real currency as well.

Why Subway Surfers is better

Both the games have excellent graphics, but Subway Surfers is more visually appealing. The developers have given a lot of attention to small details of the game. For instance, the way in which the player slides downwards when he a train hits him or the way he flies in towards you into the camera and so on. It is a very flashy game and the three dimensional elements are very striking.

The interface is also more appealing and children and teenagers are sure to find the game very appealing. Subway Surfers is simplified and suitable for playing on your smartphone or on your tablet. On the other hand, it is a little difficult to play Temple Run 2, as you have to shift back and forthfor the different angles needed while collecting coins.

Subway Surfers is also a little more forgiving when compared to Temple Run 2. When you hit an obstacle, you will not die immediately, whereas you will do so in Temple Run 2. So you cannot afford to make any mistakes in Temple Run 2, as it will not allow you to continue to play if you hit an object.

Comparing Graphics

The graphics of Subway Surfers is more in tune with the real or natural world, whereas those of Temple Run 2 are more fictional and imaginary. Temple Run 2 has an Indiana Jones kind of setting, which reminds you of ruins in South America, where a monstrous monkey chases the character. It is a rather serious plot and a little frightening. The plot of Subway Surfers is much milder and is quite funny. It has a very common and ordinary environment, using beautiful cities as the backdrop in which the chase takes place.


The goal of both the games is the same, as the player has to keep running endlessly. As he runs, he has to collect coins and enter different types of transactions to increase points. Temple Run 2 hasa more difficult gameplay when you compare it to Subway surfers.

Gameplay Controls

However, both the games have the same type of controls. For example, you need to slide down when you want to escape or duck the obstacle and slide up when you want to cross an obstacle, etc. This type of sliding feature to the left and the right are common to both the games. However, in Temple Run 2, you also have to make some sharp turns or you might slam into a path edge and end your life. The controls are more challenging here and you have to move the phone or tab to the right and the left, which makes it more difficult.

Additional Features

The extra features in Temple Run 2 consist of different types of abilities for the characters. You can also collect games and coins, wherein the gems give you protection from death. There are missions to be completed in order to reach higher levels and a store where you can purchase abilities using in game currency as well as real currency.

In case of Subway Surfers, there are different characters to choose. In addition, you have hoverboards as well as mystery boxes and many different missions to complete.

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