Fallout 4 Cinematic Trailer to be Showcased at E3 2015

Those who have suffered a lot because of the elaborate hoaxes and rumors surrounding Fallout 4 refuse to believe it.

But, a 3D artist on his LinkedIn profile claims that he along with a team has been hired to create a cinematic trailer.

The jokes are already rife on the internet that people just don’t tell lies on LinkedIn, because unlike Facebook or the other social media profiles, this one is highly professional. The users update genuine content and have been seldom found to be playing a prank, because companies always look into their profile before giving them a job. So, is it true that Fallout 4 is definitely coming at E3 2015? Most probably yes, if this posting is to be believed. The particular artist has been given the task of working on a trailer that will showcase the game during the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2015.

German Website’s Report

Earlier, IGN found a German PC gaming website, which reported that Fallout 4 has been confirmed for an E3 reveal. They added that Bethesda is going to show a cinematic trailer for the crowd during the press conference. However, they will refrain from showing any gameplay videos. It will be screened only to a select group from the media behind closed doors. A similar approach was followed by Electronic Arts, who chose to show Star Wars Battlefront gameplay to the reporters, but didn’t release it to the public yet.

Solid Track Record

The artist who has been assigned the job of creating a cinematic trailer for Fallout 4 is not a newbie or some random person. He has actually worked in some of the best projects in the gaming industry. His LinkedIn profile confirmed that his earlier work includes creating trailers for Far Cry 4, the Elder Scrolls and Forza Motorsport. When someone so credible claims that he is working on the next iteration of the most anticipated title, you just can’t ignore him so easily.

Bethesda is getting ready to have their first ever conference at E3. Rumors also claim that the exclusive gameplay video event will run anywhere between 15 to 20 minutes giving players a chance to witness the open world, apocalyptic game in action. The event kick starts on June 14 and with hardly a month to go it is going to be an edge of the seat moment for every player out there.

Apart from Fallout, Bethesda may also reveal the next Elder Scrolls and Doom 4.

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