Subway Surfers Free Download – An Intrigue for Enthusiastic gamers

The widespread popularity and use of Smartphone devices have also led to an increasing popularity of mobile gaming.

Gone are the days when one would either need a basic handheld video game or a PSP device in order to enjoy mobile gaming on the go. In the current world, every person with a Smartphone device in hand can have access to a large number of games that can either be installed in the device and played or played over the internet. Now, even though there are thousands of games available on the many Smartphone devices, one of the most popular games in the entire gaming world of the present day is the Subway Surfers.

It Doesn’t End, Unless You Want to

Well, who has not heard of the popular game? Almost all Smartphone users have tried their hands at this game and even if they have not played the game, they have at least heard of the game and are well acquainted with its popularity. There are also a large number of people who do not own a Smartphone device; but are definitely fond of playing the Subway Surfers game on the Smartphone devices of their near and dear ones. The best thing about this game is that it can be played in short stints as well as for long hours, depending on an individual’s will to play the game or the availability of time. Players do not need to save the game when they close it as the points would be saved, but the game would always start from the beginning each time a player falters.

The Concept and Play

The core idea or concept of the Subway Surfers game is that there is a player would have to navigate a runner through the subway tracks endlessly, while gathering or collecting coins, power-ups and other similar bonuses on the way. A policeman gives chase to the runner, but cannot catch him until the player falters and the runner runs into an obstacle. There would be a number of obstacles that would come in the way of the runner and the player would have to navigate the runner away from these obstacles. The obstacles include trains, tunnels, barricades, etc. As long as the runner continues to evade the obstacles, the player can continue the Subway Surfers game, but once the runner runs into one of the obstacles, the policeman catches up with the runner and the runner is arrested. The game is over then and the player has to start from the beginning once again.

A player can navigate the runner by swiping on the screen of the Smartphone device on which the game is being played. Swiping left or right will make the runner move in the desired direction, to evade an obstacle or collect coins. Players can also swipe in the upward and downward directions to make the runner jump or duck an obstacle respectively. The power-ups and bonuses collected on the way also help the runner to evade obstacles or collect more coins. This is what makes the Subway Surfers game so intriguing and addictive for players.

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