‘Enshrouded’ is a New Survival Action RPG That’s Launching Soon – Watch Trailer

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In the upcoming Enshrouded survival action RPG, you’ll step in the shoes of Flameborn, meaning the last member of hope of a race that’s on the brink of extinction. Your job in the game is to revive the lost beauty of a kingdom by facing many obstacles, such as a corrupting fog.

Keen Games GmbH is both the developer and publisher of ‘Enshrouded,’ and we’re closer than ever to the game’s launch. We can realistically expect that many gamers who are into titles of the action and RPG genres will jump on the bandwagon as soon as Enshrouded comes out. In other words, the game will most probably be flooded with passionate gamers!

Enshrouded comes out in 2023

Without having a precise release date, we know for sure that Enshrouded is coming out in a few months. The game will first become available via early access for PC gamers via the Steam platform.

The devs don’t like to waste any time, so they’ve already released a trailer for the upcoming game. Let’s face it: there’s no better way of learning what a game has to offer than to watch its trailer. Therefore, feel free to watch this one:

Here’s an official statement coming from the dev team, as Steam quotes:

We have put all our heart and soul into the development of Enshrouded and we are ready to show it to you! We want to develop the game together with you during Early Access and of course beyond! We are counting on the community’s involvement to help make Enshrouded the best game it can be. We are committed to listening to you, the community.

The system requirements are surprisingly bulky. The game won’t work at all unless you have at least 16GB of RAM mounted on your PC’s motherboard, as well as a graphics card that’s at least as good as the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or the AMD Radeon RX 580.

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