Why You Should Use a Mirrorless Camera for Live Streaming

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In recent years, live streaming has become popular in the gaming community. Many people enjoy being streamers and viewers, as it gives them a platform to watch others play, share experiences, and make friends. In fact, every month, 7.6 million people stream on Twitch, a popular streaming platform.

If you want to be a gamer who live streams, you’ll need the right equipment. One of the main things you’ll need is a camera since this is what you’ll use to capture yourself. While many kinds of cameras are on the market, a mirrorless camera is one of the best options. Below, we’ll explain why and where you can get one.

Why Use a Mirrorless Camera for Live Streaming?

They have top video capabilities

One of the many things that make mirrorless cameras the best option for streamers today is their high-quality features. For instance, you may consider a webcam or an action camera for streaming. Unfortunately, webcams have poor autofocus and exposure since many are made for video calls only.

On the other hand, an action camera’s specifications—such as the GoPro Hero 4—can only capture 4k video at 30fps. While this is very impressive, mirrorless cameras can do better. The Nikon Z9, for example, can capture 8k videos for clearer and sharper results. This way, your viewers will never miss a detail from your streams, whether you’re showing your facial expressions when playing or unboxing new gaming equipment.

You can use different lenses

Apart from having top video capabilities, mirrorless cameras allow you to alter your videos using different lenses—unlike webcams. This lets you get more creative with your streams, giving viewers a more enjoyable experience.

Using a mid-range zoom lens, like the Sony 24-70mm f/4 Vario-Tessar T* FE OSS, will give you a blurred background while having the subject in sharp focus. It can even provide a “bokeh” effect in the background, perfect for a more laid-back stream or streaming a lighthearted adventure game.

They are compact

Your desk can easily become cluttered when you have a gaming setup due to the different equipment and accessories you have. As such, you don’t want a bulky camera to add to the chaos.

Fortunately, mirrorless cameras are lighter and more compact than other cameras due to their lack of a mirror. Instead of light passing through a sensor—like on a DSLR—light passes through the lens and directly to the digital sensor. One lightweight mirrorless camera is the Canon EOS R50. It provides excellent video performance of up to 4k quality despite weighing only 376 grams with a card and battery. Thus, its compact body won’t disrupt your gaming setup and will make it easy to store when not in use.

Where to get a mirrorless camera

Mirrorless cameras can be pricey because of their high-quality features and compact bodies. While this may make you hesitant to purchase one, you can easily buy a used mirrorless camera online. Several sites sell secondhand units in good condition for a discounted price, ensuring they’re fully working and only have minor imperfections that don’t affect the image and video quality. You can choose top-of-the-range models from renowned brands such as Canon and get a Canon EOS R5, and Nikon and get a Nikon Z 6II. Before buying a used camera, read the item description and inquire about the camera’s condition to ensure it’s worth the price and working flawlessly.

Mirrorless cameras are the best for live streaming because of their video capabilities, compact bodies, and lens options.

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