Clash of Clans Free Download – Train Your Army to Combat with Blockbuster Strategies

Have you ever believed to have an army where you combat a fight and kill the other troop? You have to train your throng of Barbarians, Hog Riders, Wizards, Archers, Dragons and a clan of fighters and attack on the evil clan. The other players are waiting for you to give up. However, you must be strong enough and build your horde to sustain and win over. It is just not a battle it is a war!

How to Play

In Clash of Clans, you are protecting your clan and trophies hidden in your building from being snatched away. The basic step in gaining victory is to make your base is strong. Build the town hall defensive to protect your trophies. Keep running and killing the wicked team without losing lives. Once you think you are strong to pull an army, join a clan and find new strategies for attacking. Let us have a look at how can you be the king of the clan.

Who are the Troops

Groups of fighters with their unique fighting strategies are divided into troops such as Tier One, Tier Two, Tier Three, Dark Elixir and the Heroes. The categorization is based on the level of their fighting spirits. The Tier One type of clan consists of archers, goblins and barbarians. They are not fully equipped with swords and strong defensive material. However, the Heroes troop includes the Archer Queen and the Barbarian King. They are the only immortal heroes of the clan and are trained once by the Dark Elixir tribe.

What Makes Clash of Clans so Popular

Clash of Clans has climbed the ranks and proved to be one of the best games on the phones. A powerhouse of its own, the players are doctrinaire to tame during the war. Once you start, you are unable to leave, as quitting will mean to leave your farms and town hall wide open for attacks and raids. The next time you log in, you may have to build your entire empire again. You can become a reel warrior by training the troops to battle with the army in the war or raiding the evils to grab their trophies. Such addictive quality of the game has made the players to stay glued to their phone for hours together.

What are the Strategies to Win Over the Battle

  • Build the town hall at the middle of the base.
  • Use more of mortar and walls to get strong fence for your town hall.
  • Keep saving your gems and do not exhaust them on simple production house.
  • Choose wisely between being offensive or defensive. Think well about your defense system before picking up any fight.
  • Use your land appropriately by building strong walls with your resources.
  • Once you have won the first few levels of the game, you are a tough player to beat. Choose clans and raiding partners that can help you win with different strategies.

It is just the beginning of the game of war. Stay tuned and keep playing to become the hardcore king.

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