Adobe Flash Player 16 – Understanding a Little More about NPAPI Version


Adobe has stolen the market for flash players. It has outrun the veteran HTML with its every updated version.

One of such updated versions is the Adobe Flash Player 16 with NPAPI version. You can stream and watch audios, video, multimedia and any of the internet applications with the help of flash players.

Download and Installation

The common release is the 16th version of Adobe, which is It has received over 98 percent of downloads with the NPAPI type. It uses registry entry for the users using this version. Hence, it would start automatically whenever you reboot it.

After Installation

After the installation process, the software uses a service of Windows that is played continuously in the background. A background controller is set to run automatically when the program starts. You can stop it manually; however, it has been reported that manual discontinuation causes serious trouble to the software and the program stops functioning completely. You can use the service manager option to impediment the service for some time.

Launching the Program

Windows Task Scheduler includes managing the tasks for launching the programs at specific variants of time. These variants and their schedules depend upon the version that is being used for programming. The executable file used for the version 16th of NPAPI is named as flashutil32_16_0_0_233_plugin.exe. As this is an application file, the extension is ‘.exe’. Its setup has around two hundred and forty eight files and uses 19.66 MB of space, which is 20,617,756 bytes.

Updates of the Software

Adobe provides the facility to the user of auto updating. The flash player program, that you have installed, updates itself when a new version is introduced over the web. It keeps checking for new releases and asks for permission every time you start your desktop.

Most of the users who have this flash player version installed on their personal computer or laptops use Windows 7 (SP1) or Windows 8. About 47 percent of Adobe Flash Player with 16th version NPAPI downloads is made from the United States of America.

Applications of Flash Player

You can download the flash player and run SWF files, which is an animated file format used to support vector graphics over the web. You can play it as a standalone player or a browser plug-in. In addition to that, flash player supports a number of data formats such as AMF, SWF, JSON, XML, etc. FLV, PNG, GIF, JPEG, mp3 are a few of the multimedia file types that is widely supported by Adobe Flash Players.

The 16th version of Adobe Flash Player NPAPI is available on every platform of desktops including Solaris, Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. You can download its plug-in free from the internet. In addition to this, Adobe is backward compatible with almost every browser such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, etc. It has come with better privacy and security controls with HDS. Moreover, you will find it decoding the multithread videos, encoding updated software for cameras and webcam support.

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