Minecraft Xbox One Content Update Brings Gameplay Improvements

4J Studios and Microsoft like to address the Title Update 19 as the content update 7 for the Minecraft Xbox One edition.

It isn’t much different because all the features, content updates, items and enemies are all the same as the PC edition of the game. The new content update was the most anticipated release and there isn’t better news than this for ardent Minecraft players.

After all, you have finally received horses on the next gen console using which you can travel with ease to any location on the map. The developers drastically bumped up the size of the worlds on the Xbox One hardware because of the increased power it offered and when they did so, it was obvious that the players needed a better means of transport. The horses provide just that and to support them, you have the hay bales as food as well as the interface which lets you name your horse as well add armor to protect them from harm.

Additional Improvements

A lot of changes have been introduced into Minecraft Xbox One edition for the first time and players should prepare themselves to cope with the changes. Unlike the past, your arch rivals, the skeletons as well as the undead zombies, are now much more powerful. Instead of spawning repeatedly with the same set of weapons which makes the action so predictable, they can now spawn with an entirely new set of armor and unique weapons each time.

It makes it difficult for players to predict their next move which adds a sense of suspense into each round. And, please note that if you stay in the area for a long time trying to explore and find treasure chests, the monsters which keep spawning in the location will become harder to kill each time. With better weapons and increased skills, they are sure to kill you if you stay too long. So, make sure you leave the area and live to fight another day.

Game and Hosting Options

Players now have more options when hosting a game on Minecraft Xbox One edition. You can choose to customize the mob as required, change the regeneration options as well as choose to retain the inventory. There’s also an option to change the daylight cycle as players on the server please, new tile drop feature and much more that makes hosting fun. Consuming the golden apple will give you additional health bars for a limited time.

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