How Xbox One Supports Xbox 360 Games with Backwards Compatibility Feature?

Phil Spencer announced during Microsoft’s E3 2015 event that Xbox One will soon be able to play all Xbox 360 games so that the players who have already invested in the ecosystem could enjoy uninterrupted.  

When you own a console for over seven years, it is easy to invest hundreds of dollars into it buying games, DLCs, packs, maps and much more. The problem with a next gen console is that backwards compatibility is becoming tough in recent years and developers choose to skip it. Xbox did the same, but after most fans wanted it, Phil Spencer, the head of the division decided to make the most out of his team and has finally come up with an emulator that actually allows you to play Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One console. It is an emulator, but the one that has been done with so much hard work that it runs flawlessly and supports most game titles at the moment.

Xbox 360 Emulator

The Xbox One is basically made up of X86 architecture and games made for the Xbox 360 console will never run on this unless you find a way to copy the old console’s architecture. Microsoft team has achieved that by creating an emulator which is loaded into the next gen console and runs as soon as you open game that you own on the 360 platform.

“When players load the game, they will actually see the Xbox 360 logo coming up before the game begins. It is evident that Xbox One never knows what is actually going on using its native hardware. It simply assumes that a huge game named Xbox 360 is running on its hardware. As it believes it to be yet another game, all the functions including the ability to take screenshots, send or share content among others will be available for gamers”, confirmed Phil Spencer.

Seamless Playability

At the moment, a couple of titles have been tested to run on Xbox One using the hidden Xbox 360 emulator. Only games that run flawlessly on this platform have been approved and will be made available for consumers in the next few months. For others, it may take more time for the team to come up with a solution or they will skip it.

Red Dead Redemption has been a crowd favorite title but there is no word on its launch with the backward compatibility feature. It was really difficult, said Spencer, but the team has managed to achieve the impossible.

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