Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 99 Shows Gohan’s Strongest Transformation

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In the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie, which came out last year, Gohan proved to everyone to be one of the strongest fighters in existence. Due to his new Beast Gohan form, which he achieved when seeing his good friend and master Piccolo getting torn apart by Cell Max, Gohan is even comparable in strength to his father, Goku.

The Dragon Ball Super Manga now adapts the events of the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie, which is a recipe that Toriyama usually applies, even though a lot of fans don’t like it. While Chapter 99 is now unfolding, we’ve spoken in a recent article about how Piccolo joins the main action while using his new form, becoming Orange Piccolo. Guess who else is jumping on the bandwagon next? That’s right: Gohan, none other than Goku’s son!

What exactly is the Gohan Beast transformation?

Although everyone was amazed in the Super Hero movie when Gohan got a new form, the show didn’t explain to us exactly how Goku’s son was able to achieve it. All we know is that Gohan got extremely mad at seeing Piccolo being torn apart by Cell Max, which triggered his new powers. But that is surely a too superficial justification, and we hope that at least the manga will do a better job explaining to us what on Earth has happened to Gohan that made him go so far in terms of power.

At this level, Gohan might be even stronger than his father when the latter uses the Ultra Instinct form, which makes his hair turn silver. It’s impossible to tell the difference between the two when they use their ultimate transformations, but once again, we can hope that the manga will shed some light on that aspect as well.


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